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Ep 25: Aralpheisl


Marina flew onwards towards the Rangers’ Guild. Reis knew that he and Aurora had time on their side. Their enemies might not know exactly where the Guild was so as long as they were not spotted, they would be safe. Reis looked behind himself to see whether they were putting up distance between their foe or not. Marin was a powerful flier. Their foes could almost no longer be seen. Reis sighed in relief.

Reis turned to Aurora.

“Aurora, do you trust me?” he asked.

“You should know by now that I do” Aurora replied.

“We can’t go back to the guild” Reis informed her. “I’m sorry” he apologized.

“Can you tell me why?” Aurora asked.

“We can’t risk leading our foe back to the guild. They may not know the way to the Guild yet they have dragons. If they have a psychic dragon with them, there is a chance they detected my presence from my last transmission. They would have a general idea of how close we are to them and from that they can deduce that we are shielded. If they can seek out and latch unto our psychic energies, we should presume that we’ve already been found out” Reis explained.

“So what do we do?” Aurora asked.

“First, we determine whether or not we’re really being followed by misleading our foe. Marina, head towards the most isolated regions of Novatio” Reis ordered.

“I see. Like this, we can lead them away from the Guild” Aurora declared.


Meanwhile in the Rangers’ Guild, Old Lady Kamikaze stood before the Dragonlord with all the Dragon Rangers. The Dragon Masters were briefed on the plans to the upcoming battle. They commenced the evacuation of the drakes. At the same time, the available Dragon Masters, that is; those left over after the assignment to the Drakes left the guild with their Dragon Students to confront the enemy of dragons Reis had projected concerning his vision in the area he had seen them.

“Old Lady Kamikaze. Keep your eyes on young Reis Dragonhaӓrt without giving up the location of the guild” the Dragonlord instructed.

“I already intended to do that from the start” Old Lady Kamikaze said as she shut her eyes and focused.

She began to spread her area of effect wide and deposited traces of her psychic energy in areas isolated from the guild to throw off the enemy’s psychic forces in case they had some. She located Reis’ and Aurora’s psychic energies and noticed the enemy behaving strangely for a bit. Then the enemy continued their pursuit.

Reis looked worried.

“It is as I suspected Aurora. There is no need to mask ourselves in invisibility. The enemy can locate us by my psychic aura” Reis said.

“So what do we do? Can you mask your aura Reis?” Aurora asked.

“Yes I can. Once we lead them astray far enough, I will mask my aura. That should confuse them for a bit” Reis reasoned.


Meanwhile, on one of the dragons stood lord Galigaos. He was the one leading the dragons and a portion of Erikkus Di Devilli’s forces.

“Lead me on to the last surviving Dragons son of Jinrai my accursed archnemesis. Today, I shall be rid of you as I did your father” Lord Galigaos sneered.

In Novatio’s Castle, the Dragon Knights stood in the presence of the king.

“Long ago, we decided that the best way to protect this world from evil was to prevent the kingdom of Novatio from falling into evil hands as Saggeese did. Novatio remains our final fortress against the forces of evil. Today, the same evil responsible for Saggeese’s demise has invaded the borders of Novatio. For this reason, we see it fit to return once more to our station as Dragon Rangers for first, we are Dragon Rangers, then we are servants of the king” the knights made their petition.

“Do as you see fit. Since this is Novatio’s problem as well, I shall have my rmy accompany you” the king said.

“I accept your intentions as just your highness however you must not allow yourself to fall into the trap of declaring war on Saggeese lest you give them a legitimate reason to invade the kingdom of Novatio” the leader of the knights said.

His name was Cyril.

“I see, so this could be Saggeese’s trap. I will take your advice then. Come back to me safely” the king wished the knights well.

“We will fulfil our duty faithfully” the knights replied and walked away.


So far Reis and Aurora were successful at leading their foes astray. But Aurora was beginning to feel exhausted and Reis felt like he needed to rest soon too. It was past sunset. Reis looked below them. There was only forest. Reis instructed Marina to descend. She obeyed.

Reis shut his eyes. Aurora watched him. As she watched, a strong green light began to ebb from Reis’ body till it enveloped the entire area. Reis opened his eyes.

“I’ve surrounded the area with natural aura. It will mask the supernatural aura of the dragon that bonded with you” Reis explained.

“How can you do all this?” Aurora asked in surprise.

“My Gramps always told me that I had the power to do anything I could imagine” Reis said. “I have always been able to do things most people consider impossible, believe things people couldn’t even imagine. I suppose that’s why I’m the way I am. There’s nothing really special about me though” Reis laughed.

Aurora shook her head.

“No, there is something very different about you Reis” Aurora said as she recalled the image of Ryugaeia she had perceived in Reis’ heart when she entered into his consciousness to save him from Armageddon’s influence.

Reis stared at her in surprise and smiled.

“Thanks” he said.

“Tell me a little about yourself” Aurora asked.

“Well there’s really not much to tell. I never knew my parents, I was raised by my Gramps who taught me how to hunt but for some strange reason, I was never liked by the people of my village. My Gramps said it was because my dad was too much of an honourable man, whatever that means. My Gramps also taught me swordsmanship even though it was forbidden by Erikkus Di Devilli. Then one day, on a hunt, I met Kyla, Shin and Master Jin and here I am” Reis said.

“You must have had a hard childhood” Aurora said.

“Actually, Tyron, my village is so insignificant Erikkus Di Devilli did not have his eyes on it till recently. I won’t exactly say I had a hard childhood. It would be unfair to my Gramps” Reis said.

“Reis” Aurora called.

She suddenly appeared to be very serious.

“Aurora?” Reis looked at her questioningly.

“We are going to get through this aren’t we?” Aurora said imploringly.

Reis nodded.

“Yes, I promise” he said.

Reis raised his eyes to stare at the sky. It was covered by the enemy’s dragons.

“Why don’t you rest Aurora, I’ll keep watch” Reis said seriously.

“Okay” Aurora said.

Unknown to Aurora, packs of Kaignis Wolves had surrounded them on Reis’ orders, keeping them safe.


The following day came with the sound of loud roars filling the sky. Aurora opened her eyes.

“What is going on Reis?” she asked.

“A war” was all Reis could say. “It has begun” he added.

Aurora raised her eyes and watched in horror as elements flared above her. The Dragon Rangers had arrived and the war between lord Galigaos’ forces and the Dragon Rangers had commenced.

In terms of number, the Dragon Rangers were outnumbered but they appeared superior in terms of combat ability.

“Aurora, let’s support the Dragon Rangers” Reis suggested.

“You want us to join their battle?” Aurora asked.

“I want you to take me to the dwelling place of the Kaehum Dactyls so that I can call on them to back up the Dragon Rangers” Reis suggested.

“Y-You intend to do what you did in the Village Of Shades don’t you? You intend to summon the Kaisers” Aurora said.

Reis nodded.

“MARINA! I SUMMON YOU!” Aurora called.

Marina appeared in a swirling pool of water.

“Marina, take us to Kaehum Dactyl territory!” Aurora ordered.


In the Rangers’ HQ, Old Lady Kamikaze was monitoring the battle.

“Our forces seem evenly matched. I see Reis and Aurora heading away from the battlefield. But they are being followed. The one following them has something familiar about him…OH NO! IT’S GALIGAOS!” Old Lady Kamikaze exclaimed in horror.

“I see. That fiend is alive after all. He must be after Jinrai’s legacy” the Dragonlord said.

At this, Old Lady Kamikaze’s expression became grave.

“Then there is something I need to call your attention to” Old Lady Kamikaze said.

“Your earlier vision?” Old Lady Kamikaze said.

“I believe it happens soon” Old Lady Kamikaze said.


Hours later, Reis and Aurora arrived in Kaehum Dactyl territory. Reis opened his mouth and spoke to the Kaehum Dactyls.

“Listen to me Kaisers, you who defend nature. Today, a foe that threatens everything you stand for has attacked the land of the remaining dragons and unless they are stopped, Ryugaeia will soon become a land without dragons. Today will forever be remembered as a tragic day in history. I want you all to remember Arӓlpheisl who once said humans, animals, Kaisers and Dragons are all part of a puzzle called history and unless the pieces work together the puzzle will forever remain a mystery. What Arӓlpheisl tried to say was all of nature can and should live together in harmony. I want you to join me and repel this foe that threatens nature’s harmony”.

Reis’ voice echoed throughout the mountains of the Kaehum Dactyls. For a while, there was silence, then a presence stirred within Reis’ heart.

“The voice of the Kaignis Reis calls to us. We are subjects to Arӓlpheisl’s divine wisdom. We will join you in your battle” the voices responded and moments later, a horde of Kaehum Dactyls were headed towards the battlefield. Reis and Aurora were left alone on Marina.

“Now we’d better head back too” Reis said but then he suddenly felt a sinister presence behind him.

“MARINA! WATCH OUT!” he called.

Marina evaded the beam of darkness just in time.

“Hmm? So you actually sensed my presence did you, son of Jinrai the lightning blade?” a sinister voice asked.

Aurora’s heart raced at these words.

“HOW DO YOU KNOW…MY FATHER?!” Reis roared.

“What is the meaning of this?! What do you mean by calling Reis the son of Sir Jinrai?” Aurora asked frantically.

“Aurora Saggeese, so we finally meet again after all these years? Don’t tell me you had been close to this brat all this while and only just discovered his identity. You are a little slow on the uptake aren’t you?” the man said.

“You know him?!” Reis exclaimed in shock.

“H-He is the man that tried to kill Jared and I when we were only kids, lord Galigaos!” Aurora pointed out.

“I will have you both perish here and crush Jinrai’s arrogant will with my own hands!” lord Galigaos said as he charged towards them riding atop a gigantic dark wyvern.

Aurora ordered Marina to retaliate and a fierce battle of elements began in the skies.

“Before I deal with you however, I shall destroy Saggeese’s future by slaying their beloved princess!” Galigaos declared as he leapt towards Marina and appeared in front of Aurora preparing for a deathblow with his sword but before he could strike, Reis parried the attack.

“Before you get to her you’ll have to go through me first! I think my dad already told you that a couple of times!” Reis said with a smirk.

“He did mention it” Lord Galigaos said as he and Reis began a fierce sword battle on Marina’s back while Marina fended off and attacked the dark Wyvern.

“I have no time to waste with you…blood resonance form, Ashkelon!” Lord Galigaos called as a large amount of energy was released from his body.

As Reis and Aurora watched, Galigaos’ hair and body became dark. His hair grew longer and turned crimson. His feet and arms grew claws like those of a lion and he had the fur of a lion too; he grew huge wings like those of a bat.

“This is Ashkelon, my blood resonance form. This is only the third time I have shown it to anyone and I show it only to those I’ve sworn to kill” Lord Galigaos said.

Reis felt his heart pulsate as if in response to Galigaos’ show of power. He roared as a massive amount of light began to escape from his body. Golden armour appeared on his body and beautiful white wings spread out of his back.


Aurora recalled Old Lady Kamikaze’s words.

“Aurora! The person you seek is closer than you think! You must protect him! If he dies, the world will be destroyed. Aurora, don’t hide your feelings or you won’t live to regret it”.

Aurora held Reis’ hand. She had a serious solemn worried look on her face. Reis turned to look at her.

“Reis” she called.

Reis noticed the look of worry on her face but mixed in with the expression on her face was a look he had never seen her give him before.

“Be careful. Don’t die” Aurora said.

Reis nodded and turned to face Galigaos.


In an instant, he had lifted Galigaos off the back of Marina and the two were exchanging elemental blows in the atmosphere. Aurora turned her attention to Marina.

“We can’t lose to this Wyvern! MARINA! USE YOUR BREATH ATTACK!” Aurora ordered.

Marina chuckled.

“I thought you’d never ask but we’ve got to immobilize it first” Marina suggested.

“I see your point. Then focus your attacks on its wings. Get it out of the air and grounded and we’ll finish it with a single blow!” Aurora suggested.

“And I know just the attack. Kind courtesy of Ayes though I can’t do it as well as he does!” Marina said as she began to condense the air in the atmosphere into liquid form and freeze it into hundreds of sharp ice fragments. She focused her attack on the Wyvern’s wings and succeeded in making holes in its wings. As the Wyvern crashed to the ground, Marina inhaled deeply and attacked with a vicious breath attack. Her breath was a flood of water as hot as fire itself and the Wyvern was incinerated.

Meanwhile, Reis and Galigaos were clashing swords in the atmosphere.

“Those dragons you ride are not natural” Reis said.

“So you noticed. They were created through dark experimentation using the captured rangers” Galigaos said.

“Captured Rangers?!” Reis thought to himself.

“We draw out the power of the dragons from the rangers and use it to replicate the dragon’s abilities. The by product was that a Wyvern would be created in the process. Dragons without souls. They embody the power of the dragons and like the dragons they can share this power with a human host. Since I command this army, you can infer that I have multiple dragon abilities and I am going to take my time showing them to you!” Galigaos said as the sky suddenly began to grow dark.

“First the power of Sum-Kebi also known as the dragon of darkness!” Galigaos said as he became invisible.

“The character of darkness is ‘to conceal’” Galigaos said as the sky grew darker.

“I shall attack you now!” he said as he commenced an attack but Reis parried his attacks nonetheless.

“Unfortunately for you, the character of Light is ‘to reveal’. Darkness alone cannot hide you from me” Reis said as he punched the air.

Galigaos appeared in severe pain.

“Next is the power of Saanyigre, also known as the dragon of lightning. The character of lightning is ‘unpredictability’” Galigaos roared as he raised his hands to the sky.

It began to thunder loudly as lightning flashed across the sky, and then a bolt of lightning headed for Reis but he quickly disappeared switching positions with Galigaos thus causing Galigaos to be struck instead.

“Impossible! Not just once but twice!” Galigaos exclaimed in horror.

“Lightning may be unpredictable but it does bear the character of light making it predictable to a Drakengaӓrd” Reis said.

“But if there is one thing a Drakengaӓrd will not anticipate…it’s that…” Galigaos declared as he charged towards Reis. Reis prepared to strike him just as Galigaos thrust his sword forward.

In the Rangers’ Guild, Old Lady Kamikaze watched with great anticipation and trepidation.

“The fateful moment has arrived. The moment that will determine whether dragons live or die out”.

In the next instant, Reis stood with his sword just above Galigaos’ shoulder while Galigaos’ sword pierced him through the heart and came out the back.

“…I would attack you as a human” Galigaos said for he had undone his transformation. The power of the Golden Drakengaӓrd was dispelled as Reis slowly transformed into himself.

“I have fought your father twice in that form so I understand how it works. Why do you think he needed the power of the Kaignis King in our third battle to win? That form has one fatal flaw. It can only function against supernatural evil. Unfortunately for you, I am just your regular evil human without Ashkelon and the Golden Drakengaӓrd never attacks humans. You can die now Reis Dragonhaӓrt” Galigaos said as he pulled out his sword.

Reis gasped in pain and began to fall from the sky.

At that moment, Marina began to writhe in pain. So did the Dragons of the other Rangers. They writhed and crashed to the ground leaving the Rangers at the mercy of the Wyverns. The Dragon Knights were flying towards the battlefield when this phenomenon began to occur so they too were stranded.

“What is happening?” they wondered.

“The Dragonhaӓrt has been slayed” one of the dragons replied.

“MARINA! What’s wrong with you?!” Aurora called in concern.

“Reis! Reis is dying!” Marina replied.

“N-No way. You can’t mean Reis is really…the Dragonheart” Aurora exclaimed in shock.

Then she noticed Reis falling from the sky.

“REIS!” she called as she rode Marina towards him.

She caught up to him and pulled him unto Marina’s back.

“Aurora! I can’t hold on much longer! I will descend now” Marina said as she flew into the mountain regions below and crashed unto the top of a mountain throwing Reis and Aurora off in the process.

Aurora ran to her.

“MARINA! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!” Aurora called worriedly.

“Aurora do you recall the words you mother told you about your destiny and the Dragonhaӓrt’s. If there ever was a time you should recall her words, that time is now” Marina said as she sighed and lost consciousness.

“Aurora, you and Jared are special. Never forget that…for the dragons told your father and I that it will be by your faith in the Dragonhaӓrt that Ryugaiea will be dragon earth again” Aurora recalled her mother’s words.

She rushed to Reis’ side.

“Reis!” she called to him as she knelt beside him.

Reis was struggling to gasp for air. Lord Galigaos descended before Aurora.

“If I recall correctly, you were supposed to protect Jinrai’s son Aurora. How ironic that he should die fighting to defend you just like his father” Galigaos said. “With this, the tide of battle has turned. My wyverns will decimate your comrades and even Novatio will eventually fall to lord Devilli. I will leave you to mourn your great failure and then you shall watch as the one you were sworn to protect becomes the force you were sworn to destroy” Galigaos said as he transformed into Ashkelon and flew into the sky.

He activated a massive psychic spell to transmit the scene to every Dragon Ranger battling the wyverns.

“The Dragonheart has fallen! Surrender! This battle is pointless! You have failed to stop me!” he declared.

The Dragon Rangers began to understand why the Dragons were weakening and as Galigaos uttered these words, their morale was shattered and their rings began to crack.

Tears flowed down Aurora’s eyes.

“All this time Reis, you were the one I was seeking. You told me how you felt about me but I was hesitant to confess my feelings to you because of the promise I made to Sir Jinrai. I promised to look after his son so even if I was in love with you Reis, I told myself it could not be” Aurora said.

Reis struggled to breathe.

“I…understand” he said.

His words made Aurora cry even more.

“You are strange Reis. How could you love someone who hated you? But when you said those words…that was when I began to love you too” Aurora said as she recalled the moment Reis saved her from the Kaignis King.

“Wh-Why? Why did you protect me when all I’ve done is hurt you?” Aurora recalled her question.

“Don’t be silly. You’re a Dragon Ranger. My partner…my friend…and someone dear to me” she recalled Reis’ words.

“Even when Armageddon took over your body, you preferred to suffer in solitude than hurt another person. I admired your strength Reis and I was amazed when I saw what was in your heart” Aurora said as she recalled millions of dragons flying freely in Reis’ mind.

“So though it shocked me…I was relieved to find out that you were Sir Jinrai’s son because now I can say this without feeling ashamed…I love you Reis” Aurora said just as Reis grew still.

“Reis…?” she called to him.

Suddenly, her ring shattered and fell to the ground.

“No…way. It can’t be. Reis. You can’t be…” Aurora cried.

On the battlefield, the other Rangers’ rings shattered as well and fell to the ground. Aurora understood the significance of this. She took Reis’ hand in hers and said to him.

“It can’t end this way Reis. I won’t accept this kind of ending! You promised to teach me to love my homeland so you can’t die just yet or were all of your words to me…were all of your promises just lies?!” Aurora exclaimed in denial.

“To me you were more than just my savior…you were…my Arӓlpheisl” Aurora confessed.

Suddenly, Reis’ heart began to beat strongly. Within his mind, he stood in the Temple of Alpha. The great Dragon Sovereign descended from the most holy part of the Temple and stood before Reis.

“Finally, we meet…Reis Dragonhaӓrt” Alpha said.

“That voice…you are the voice from my dreams” Reis said.

“I am Alpha, the Dragon Sovereign and ruler of all material light” Alpha introduced himself.

“Where am I?” Reis asked.

“At the brink of death. You were almost slain by your father’s archnemesis” Alpha said.

“I see” Reis said.

“Do you feel resentful towards Galigaos?” Alpha asked.

“I can’t help but despise him for the pain he caused my family and Aurora’s as well as Saggeese but if the power of the Golden Drakengaӓrd lost to him, I cannot imagine hatred will win” Reis said.

“How nostalgic. You speak like Arӓlpheisl” Alpha said.

“Who is Arӓlpheisl?” Reis asked.

“He is the embodiment of Ryugaeia’s ideal of balance. His title is the Wise One Of The Unison Courts but his name is an ancient word that means ‘The First King’. It could also be transliterated as ‘The One King’ and ‘The True King’. Arӓlpheisl is the embodiment of Ryugaeia’s yearnings and your name ‘Reis’ is one part of his name. You could consider yourself a fragment of his. When all of the fragments gather, Ryugaeia will become Dragon Earth again. I would like to congratulate you Reis for gathering his fragments. Now dragons can be reborn” Alpha said.

“Fragments? What do you mean?” Reis asked.

“The representatives of Ryugaeia have entrusted their will into your hands. First, the Kaignis King who embodies nature has approved of you. The Saggeesian Princess who represents mankind has given you her blessing. The Golden Drakengaӓrd who represents the will of Heaven’s armies fights beside you and at last, I too, the King Of The Dragons who represent the elements will now bond with you. Reis Dragonhaӓrt, do you accept the will of Aralpheisl? Will Ryugaeia finally become Dragon Earth?” Alpha asked.

“If it is within my power to do so, I accept” Reis said.

“Then let us be one” Alpha said as a bright light flashed within Reis’ mind.

On the outside, a strong light surrounded Reis’ body. Aurora stared at Reis in surprise as the light lifted him into the air. Reis’ hair grew longer and flowed to his shoulders. Six powerful white wings grew out of Reis’ back and his arms and body were covered in Alpha’s golden scales except for his face. After the transformation was complete, Reis descended to the ground.

“Could you say it again? What you just said. I didn’t quite catch that last line” Reis said.

Aurora blushed shyly.

“To me…you are more than just my saviour. I always thought of you as my Arӓlpheisl” Aurora confessed.

“Your Arӓlpheisl. Hmm” Reis said with a smile as he flew into the sky.

“I also have a gift for you” Reis said as Aurora felt a familiar feeling on her right hand.

She looked down and saw her Dragon Ring. She gasped in excitement and turned to Marina. Marina opened her eyes and stood up.

On the battlefield, the Dragon Ranger’s rings were reappearing on the fingers of the Dragon Rangers signifying the restoration of the bond between Ranger and Dragon. With a loud cry of excitement, the Dragon Rangers mounted their Dragons and leapt into the skies to challenge the Wyverns.

Galigaos was just returning to the battlefield when he noticed the Dragon Rangers were reclaiming their advantage. He could not understand why the Dragons were still alive.

“WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!” he exclaimed in exasperation.

At that moment, Arӓlpheisl arrived on the battlefield.


A bright beam of silver light engulfed Galigaos and his powers began to ebb from his body.

The wyverns roared in distress.


Galigaos reverted to his human form.

“M-My power! What have you done?!” Galigaos screamed in horror and began to lose balance.

Without his power, he could no longer even fly.

“This war is over!” Arӓlpheisl declared as he bound Galigaos with bands of light and handed him over to the Dragon Rangers.


The Rangers began to cheer loudly as the Wyverns fled the scene. Aurora arrived at the scene of the jubiliation and beheld Arӓlpheisl being cheered on by the rangers. She wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Reis, you are amazing” she said to herself and kept her distance. Reis noticed her and flew to her.

“Aurora Saggeese, I would like to thank you” Arӓlpheisl said.

“Wha…?” Aurora suddenly felt embarrassed.

“It is thanks to your faith in the Dragonhaӓrt that Ryugaeia will now attain its true nature!” Aralpheisl said as he raised his hands to the sky.

“Ye sleeping Dragons! Hearken to these words and finally awaken from your long slumber. These words are an expression of the love humanity has for itself and for you!” Aralpheisl declared and paused for a while.

He turned to Aurora.

“Once these words are uttered, the world as you know it will start to change. The balance of power will be tipped yet again and it is possible that another Drӓkan War will occur in the near future…but I have faith in you, all of you that you will use my final gift to you wisely” Arӓlpheisl said with a solemn look in his eyes. “As Jinrai and the Dragons once did, I too will now entrust the boy named Reis Dragonhaӓrt into your care for the path to his destiny is just beginning and your faith in him will determine what becomes of the future of both humans and dragons” Arӓlpheisl said.

Then he flew up to the sky and opened his mouth. The very air began to vibrate as he spoke.

“As Dragon Rangers, we are enforcers of Light!

We are protectors of Dragons

And followers of the teachings of the Dragon Knights!

Protecting the weak, freeing the oppressed

Obeying the Dragonlord!

For we are Dragon Rangers

And Dragon Rangers forever!”

Arӓlpheisl declared and as he did so, mysterious coloured lights appeared in the sky all over the world for at the moment when the final words were uttered, the sun set and darkness covered the earth. These lights danced through the sky lighting up the earth and then the lights began to assume the form of dragons. Millions of them. These Dragon shaped lights flew to the earth and all over the earth, in both Novatio and Saggeese, humans with potential for great virtue began to discover rings on their right hands. These rings could not be taken off but the humans were yet to understand the significance of the rings.

The Dragon Rangers would be shown this in dreams and would come to understand the secret meaning of the gift that Arӓlpheisl had given them for Dragons were extinct no more. As long as a virtuous human heart lived who abided by the code of the Dragon Ranger, the amazing power of the dragons would live on in them.

Time would pass and eventually, these virtuous humans would understand the significance of the rings on their fingers. Realizing their individual helplessness and seeking out answers, they would begin to seek one another out and once they began to find one another, numerous new guilds would form. This was the tipping of the scale of power Arӓlpheisl spoke about. This tipping would be absolutely necessary for Alpha was meant to awaken two years from now. His awakening was premature and he awakened to avert the true extinction of the dragons. But Alpha knew and in time the Rangers would realize it too that the true battle would be fought in two years’ time.

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