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                                                            FRAGMENTS OF MAMA'S LETTERS FROM YESTERDAY
                                                                                JANUARY LETTERS FROM MAMA

                                                                                          HAZEL FERN HENSON

                                                                                                                               Jan. 31, 1989

Dear Mary and Gain,
     Was so nice as always to hear from you. Was impressed and happy for Gain over his winnings. That is great! Me, I can not win anything. I entered the Am. Family Sweepstakes and the Publisher's Clearing House. Publisher's Clearing House will be drawn tonight but I am not holding my breath to be the winner! Daddy and I were planning to go to Hawaii if I won.
     Glad to hear you are back with your writing. Good luck! We both enjoy your work.
     The baby is cute. Tell Joanne thanks for me. I have a small gift for him when we come up. Would Fri. Feb. 10th be O.K.? that is if the weather is not too bad. If this is not O.K. let us know and we will pick another date. Virginia Gilkey had her baby Sun. A boy--Christopher Allan.
     Have not heard from C.W. & A.M. since Christmas. Plan to write and maybe set a date in Mar. or April to see them. Have not been to their house since last Sept. Called Catherine last night to find out about her Mom. She is about the same. Fades a little each day. She is 89 and at Green Valley. Catherine said C.W. & A.M. are working on the upstairs rooms at their house & are O.K. Think they will be home the week after Easter. Easter comes early this year. Mar. 26.
     We have been having fun on our XYZ  trips. I esp. like having Daddy with us. On the 17th Jan. we went to the Lou. Museum of History & Science. They have the Imax Theater in the museum plus all the other things. 4 floors of stuff I think. Really neat. The theater seats are in tiers like bleachers so everyone can see good. We saw The Magic Egg (all kinds of computer designs in color and The dream is still alive--a story of space). It was beautiful & covered one whole wall of the theater & was like 3D movies only better. Made you feel as if you were in the picture--no glasses or anything. One we esp. liked was design of pink morning glories--and I liked the sea gulls on the beach at Cape Canaveral. I love to hear their cries. Seems as if I could reach out & touch them. The movie made it seem so real.
     We would like to take you all there next time you come down. We had lunch at the Kingfish Rest. near-by.
     Feb. 21 we plan a trip with the group to Sugar Bush Farm at Salem. We go by bus. About 25 or 35 go on these trips. They will demonstrate how to tap the trees for maple syrup. We will have lunch some where in Salem. Daddy drove small van when we went to the zoo (Holds about 15 people) but can not drive regular bus as you have to have special license for that. He does not want to anyway.
     Hope you still save P.O.P. Have some for you which I'll bring up.
     Daddy has been working on projects in the basement. He had to make another feeder. The one by the garage fell apart. He is working on case like the Cabbage Patch dolls are in. We will put John in this one and leave him up on the cedar wardrobe. I broke one of his fingers in moving him last time. Arf barks at him if I leave him in the rocker so this will be a good way to "Arf-proof" John. Daddy bought himself a new "toy". A miter box saw this time. He really likes it.
     So nice today I have the window a little open & heat off here in my room. All the snowdrops are in full bloom. Crocus & tulips are up about 1" or so and robins have been hopping about the yard. I can hardly wait for spring!
     Is that the church next to where you all lived in Deer Creek? The one in the clipping you sent. Perhaps I could get some pictures when we come up to go with the Deer Creek memories. I enjoyed the article of Crows & Snowfalls. I like the word picture James K. "painted". I'll put this in my scrapbook.
     As to the Golden Age Passport we have one. We also get a Golden Hoosier Passport from the State every year for $5--Think others have to pay about $18 a year for a state pass.
     Will say bye for now. Looking forward to the Mexican Party.
Take care.
                                                                                                              Love always,

Note by typist, Mary Hazel Upton:
     This is one of the letters Mama sent to me and that I saved. I have it typed up, except for a few very minor corrections to punctuation and spelling, exactly as she wrote it. I wish I had all of her letters. I guess, at the time, though, I thought she would live forever and so would always send me new letters, so that there would be no need for me to save the old ones. I think she kept all of the ones that I ever sent to her, carefully putting them in scrapbooks and boxes, where they are now in her Sewing Room.
     I am process of typing up the few letters that I did save of hers and that I put in a scrapbook, so that more of her writing can be saved and that she can be remembered.
     The people mentioned in this letter are as follows. Gain is my husband. Joanne was my daughter-in-law (Rob, my son, has since remarried). The baby Mama mentioned was either my grandson, Jarrod or maybe Hunter. Probably Jarrod, because he is the oldest and was born in December. Hunters's birthday isn't until March, and Mama's letter, written in January, implies that the baby mentioned had just been born. Joanne always saved photos of the children to send down to Mama, as well as delighting in finding her small presents at yard sales. I know that somewhere in the "Time Machine Room", as I call Mama's Sewing Room, she has all of the photos Joanne saved for her, as well as the birth announcement of one or maybe both boys that Joanne saved for her. C.W. & A.M. are Charles, my brother, and Anna Marie, his wife. They may have been living in Arkansas when this letter was written. Virginia is married to one of Anna Marie's brothers. Catherine is Anna Marie's mother. Catherine has since passed away.
     The places mentioned are as follows: Green Valley is a nursing home. The "Lou. Museum Of History & Science" is in Louisville, Kentucky, as is the "Kingfish Rest." (Restaurant). The other trips Mama and Daddy took, mentioned in this letter, are all in Indiana.
     The XYZ Club was a club for the older members of Mama's church. They took trips to local places of interest. After Daddy retired, he and Mama got to go a lot of places, sometimes by themselves, and sometimes with the XYZ Club and another travel club they belonged to.
     The P.O.P Mama was saving for me stands for "Proof Of Purchase". If you used to do refunding, back when you could send in specified parts of various packages of items you bought and get a dollar or so back, then you remember the P.O.P.'s, as the refunders called them. She always had a bunch saved for me when we visited each other.
     The doll, John, Mama refers to is still in the wooden case in the Doll Room. Arf was Charles and Anna Marie's dog. She has long since become an angel dog, gone but not forgotten, and supplemented, but not replaced, by other dogs, who now have their allotted time on this earth.
     I am sure the clippings Mama refers to are somewhere in her scrapbooks in the "Time Machine Room" and eventually I will find them. I have not had time but to barely look at her many treasures that she left for me.
     The Golden Age passports referred to are for season passes for the National Parks and for the Indiana State Parks.
     Eventually I will publish information about the "Mexican Party", which came about because I actually won something also at our local IGA grocery store. I won a "Mexican Party Kit", which I saved until one of Mama's and Daddy's visits to me and Gain. She has the old photos of the "Mexican Party" in one of her many photo books also. I am sure I also have diary entries from that time.
     I am not sure what Gain won, but I know that the letter telling about it is somewhere in the "Time Machine Room" too. He may have won money at a Turkey Shoot. I think he was going to a lot of Turkey Shoots at that time.
     Gain and I never did get to go to the IMAX Theatre, though. Daddy always planned something special for us whenever we visited, but I guess there were too many other things to do, and we never got to that.
     I clipped out and saved the design Mama stamped on the envelope for this letter of a grinning Cheshire cat and his paw prints. She enjoyed using rubber stamps to decorate her letters.

                                                                                     -THE END-

© MaryHazelUpton - all rights reserved

Author Notes

This is one of the letters that Mama wrote to me many years ago along with my notes of explanation for the things she refers to in the letter. Eventually, as I get more of her letters typed up I will share them here. I also have some of Daddy's very old letters that I will type up and publish here. I hope someone may find them and enjoy reading about this long ago time that is preserved in the letters.

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