A Poem by Northern_Lass

Author: Northern_Lass
Created: October 15, 2016 at 07:04 pm
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Category: Love | Family | Drama
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That's life  

When your young life is so much fun
never regretting things that you've done
School girl crushes from teen to wife
still thinking you have a long happy life

You give birth vowing never again
no mans worth the trouble or pain
its instant love from the moment of birth
you raise the kids, teach them worth

Older now, your marriage is a chore
you tell him he is quite a bore
Kids leave home.you feel alone and lost
live your life ok, but this is the cost

Your parents die, relatives go too
you begin to wonder when will it be you
life begins to slip away each day
you struggle to think what did you last say

The hour glass figure went long ago 
grey hairs are when blond used to grow
wrinkle creams are a everyday must
you make it to the toilet only just

life's a bitch it lingers for no one
your husband dies,  you hold on
Kids  to busy to give you anytime
you ache but yesterday you was fine

Funeral insurence wills to make 
You burn the foods you used to make
someone puts you in a home
Independence gone your alone

Look at old photos tears start to fall
drugged up in a chair you feel small
life a bitch it goes too fast honestly
you will be old tomorrow just like me

So live it feel it make every day fun
dont regret what you could have done
one day you will be like me here
a little old lady living in deaths fear

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