A Poem by TonyD

Author: TonyD
Created: February 21, 2015 at 08:45 pm
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The Funeral Pyre  

Upon the funeral pyre,
a small bird sits amid the violent flames,
feather nor flesh alight, a mockery made;
unperturbed and chirping, it sits,
bound by the life that was;
beneath, those crusted remains,
that dust of a existence, departed.

It flutters with ardor,
dark eyes flashing, deep pool reflections,
a purpose to be fulfilled, at the edge,
as if to wait on some cosmic alignment,
freedom beckoning,
all that was, thoughts and deeds,
at the brink of epiphany.

Surging flames reach upward,
soaring into ethereal streams,
the cleansing flames like arms of deliverance,
and the bird spreads its diaphanous wings,
defying flame and earthly plight,
and with one bust of eternal strength,
it is released, to its spiritual flight.

All that was, in life and dream,
is now released from this earthen world,
thoughts and choices alive in expression,
in eternal memory, soar,
and life at end, seeks new beginnings.



© TonyD - all rights reserved

Author Notes

Poem about death

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Comments & Reviews

February 21, 2015
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Very Good.
I enjoyed reading this.
I liked your choice of words and the overall flow. Good Job my friend.

Thanks, glad you appreciated it. Appreciate you commenting. ,

 TonyD replied on February 21, 2015

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