A Poem by athira99

Author: athira99
Created: September 04, 2014 at 02:51 pm
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Unfinished Love  

May all love be eternal 
like that of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal
as it arises from the internal part 
of their little heart 

They exchanged rings
and had fourteen offsprings
yet their love never diminshed 
and always remained unfinished

Never shall they part 
by soul  and by heart
that is what I call love
made from earth and taken above  

© athira99 - all rights reserved

Author Notes

this is the love story or love poem about the famous mughal emperor shah jahan and the love of his life , mumtaz mahal for whom  he made the TAJ MAHAL...njoy

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Comments & Reviews

September 04, 2014
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Very graceful flow to your wording. I suggest to really tie it off, to say something that really pops from the page.

thank u so much

 athira99 replied on July 01, 2015

September 04, 2014
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I liked the concept of this poem, but I don't think that it flowed very well together. It just didn't catch my attention.

i see ...but thank u for taking the time to give ur opinion

 athira99 replied on July 01, 2015

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