A Poem by BlueLagoon

Author: BlueLagoon
Created: August 22, 2014 at 06:16 pm
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Pretence ~ Luxury of the mind  


Pure Luxury ~ Pure Indulgence ~ Pure Love

Wine ~ waiting to be poured
Two glasses tempting fate ~ await
The tasting of my buds delight

Into each glass I pour my treat
And take a sip from each
The smoothness of its liquid
Its aroma rather sweet

The soft array of candles ~ cast shadows
Reflecting harmony and peace
The soft scent of their fragrance
Lifts the spirit within

The water calls invitingly
Perfumed bubbles tantalise
Such bliss ~ my body sinks into its warmth
Relaxed another sip of wine

A single red rose ~ a birthday gift
Placed within a vase
Stands besides the candles
Adding luxury and charm

I lie there dreaming
Another year has flown
Let me indulge
Another glass wont harm

Relaxed within my reverie
such a beautiful way ~ to
End a perfect day

After all there is only me
So why can’t I pretend


Original: Anne B Fra
ncis 23 August 2014


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August 23, 2014
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loins awaken
Sensually your poetry crosses time and space elevating me to this loving soaking tub and all the while I enjoy the music and the scent of your single rose bud love like this artistry you pen so much heat majestically It is very stirring my heart pitter patters my face flushes and I seek composer not wanting anymore then your loving tone soaking in your poem alone it is still enjoyable spotlight

I need to thank you a million times for all the viewing you have done I am quite amazed
and you were the 1st on his one ~ though let me be honest not many of my poems have been viewed of late or at least not commented on ~ so my friend you have brought me hope.
On another level your comments have practically created a poem in itself ~ read it and your imagination will I hope create the perfect piece.another side of you.

 BlueLagoon replied on August 23, 2014

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