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Author: EltonCamp
Created: February 17, 2014 at 10:03 pm
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I'm Fine and Other Lies  

I’m Fine and Other Lies

By Elton Camp

Many of the words we say
In truth, aren’t at all that way

When a stranger we greet
“I’m very happy to meet”

“Your mother’s always welcome here”
When a visit is inevitable from that dear

“Very soon we must do lunch”
But in the gut, you’d like to punch

“You baby’s a darling little thing”
When “monkey” to you does spring

“Your hairdo suits you so well”
To the one who looks like hell

“Your sermon was great today”
When you snoozed dead away

“Why of course you’ll get my vote”
When you can’t stand the billy goat

“Your girlfriend is really very cute”
While in the sty you think she’d root

And there’s the most common lie
It’s when, “I’m fine,” you reply

For social lies we’re forced to tell
To get along with others very well

© EltonCamp - all rights reserved

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February 18, 2014
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Then there are the tactful comments when someone asks you to review writing that a third grader would be ashamed to show -
"Interesting..." "quite unique..." "I haven't read anything quite like this before..."
My inner censor is an active little fellow...
What would happen if we all told the absolute truth for one whole day?

That's an interesting and somewhat frightening prospect. Wars would break out all over the world, especially if the political leaders did it too. That gives me an idea for a humor poem. Thanks! Elton

 EltonCamp replied on February 18, 2014

February 17, 2014
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I very much liked the idea of your poem and also the ending, but with the rest of the poem i felt like you were just trying to find words that rhyme to get the reader to the ending, like the line "why of course you'll get my vote, when you can't stand the billy goat" i don't even understand what that means, maybe it's just me but i think this poem has a good meaning but i think you could have done better

I apologize for my dire shortcomings, but did you happen to notice that I never click the box for "Critical Reviews Preferred?" There is a reason for that. I write quickly and in large volume, producing mainly light humor as an alternative to all the woe and misery usually seen on these amateur writing sites. I make no pretentions to produce "great literature. In Alabama at least, a "billy goat" is an analogy for an obnoxious person, but I can understand why you didn't comprehend the comparison. I read the single story you have posted to this site and found it "sweet." If you prod the old lion, don't be surprised if you go away with claw marks. : )

 EltonCamp replied on February 18, 2014

Let me take a guess because I'm good at this -- you're telling the wanna-be politician, "Of course you have my vote sir" while mentally comparing him to an obstreperous barnyard animal, and muttering (hopefully to yourself) "I can't stand that Billy Goat!"
Ray-Leight sends me virtual doughnuts when I'm right, Elton (not that I'm hinting ;p;...)

 user46863 replied on February 18, 2014

February 17, 2014
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this was cute as a bug in a rug lol I enjoyed it quiet well and hope to read more of your cute things lol hugs Sharon

Thanks, it was fun to write. Elton

 EltonCamp replied on February 17, 2014

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