A Poem by tarri

Author: tarri
Created: January 24, 2014 at 01:50 am
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I was convinced my given time
be spent in worthy pursuit
of truth and wisdom, faith and peace
in this order life took root

Content was I these recent years
I learned to be, each moment whole
No siren quest could draw me near
At peace to know I do not know

Then once when sitting prayerful still
Content, in spite of life
I felt a stirring soft within
A flutter - or a cry?

HushÖ I held my breath
A long and frozen pause
Another child? But Iím content
Not seeking further cause

Another concept it would seem
To contradict conclusion
And yet without pursuit, desire
An immaculate conception


And how shall I continue now
Content to watch her grow,
I am the soil from which she springs
I know where this path goes

Can there be joy without sorrow?
Will she not burst forth hand clasped tight
on solemn twin and force to breast
Acceptance without fight?

What choice have I, a lesser Mary
called to carry child
Perhaps beguiled I missed the truth
God whispered all the while

That contentmentís fruit IS joy
and joy will seed its sorrow
and sorrow calls for innocence released
to truth and wisdom, faith and peace

and so, and sow

within contentment sorely wrought
I free my veins to bleed
Iíll nourish joy as is my lot
to release the fruit that beacons Eve

© tarri - all rights reserved

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January 24, 2014
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If only all men will live quietly as this and pursue a worthy cause,the world would have been a better place.

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