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Author: QuanLJackson
Created: January 18, 2014 at 12:16 am
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The Pursuit  

They promised me a bright future.

So why are there so many darkened clouds?
Why are there clouds out?

Where's the sun?
Has it sparked-out?

Sitting in the puddles of greatness reflection
and feeling tossed around.

I want to have a conversation,
but you can't talk now.

I wasn't taught to swim,
yet, I refused to drown.

Battling against the ghost of ghost.
I guess I'm out of hope now.

But there's no rope now,
Just. A. Bright. Future...

That was promised,
along with a place and other non-sense

and that's all tarnished by these darkened clouds.
I'm searching for the answers through the rummage

But there's no lost and found.

I was taught that if you aimed,
up, up, up and Aawaayyyy would get you off the ground.

But to do it like the planes, against the winds,
would be safer than if it's off the mound.

And in the clouds;
In those clouds--

There are only a reservation for few,
and I want a permanent stay not a rendezvous.

Chasing perfection,
playing hopscotch amongst the clouds.

Double-dutch with the stars,
living off potential that's larger than Mars.

This is my confession,
my obsession is to be a great...

With 15 minutes of fame I set my watch
a full day ahead to never miss the dates.

Whether it's 5, 600 or millions,
you, will all, bare witness.

I am witless,
Climbing trees with Walt Whitman.
or ladder's I'm Michael Jackson's 'Badder'
I'm Maya Angelou's “Insomniac'
I'm Edgar Allen's 'Raven'
Flying across the pavement to meet with Shel Silverstein
'Where The Sidewalk Ends'
I have to chase it now, because Oscar Brown Jr.
taught me that this 'Beach' will wash us all up in the end.

The pages are wet, but they, can never stop this pen.
This PURSUIT is something that isn't destined or designed to end.

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Author Notes

I wrote this piece because I suffer from battling ghost. My ghost are some of the greatest writer's of all-time. In this piece I tried to pen my frustration and my elation to be one day, compared to some of the biggest names to ever write. Some of my personal faves (not all) are included and some of their biggest pieces. This is a spoken word piece and I don't think I'll ever try to transition this to an actual poem.

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January 18, 2014
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Very Motivating and amazing!
What a motivating and inspiring piece! Very powerful and highly ambitious. Yes you will make it to the top one day, you just keep writing amazing pieces like these and publish books! You have potential and you will make it! Keep Writing.

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