A Short Story by jimmy

Author: jimmy
Created: January 14, 2014 at 12:10 am
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Charlie's Reckoning: The Ouija Board Pt 1.  

"He's coming, Charlie," Patrick said, "he's about 50 feet behind you by the pepsi machine."
I didn't turn around this time, I'm not even sure why I didn't high-tail it out of there, with my jansport in hand, mom's reynold's wrapped tuna sandwich in the other--I just stayed there and tuned out.
Patrick told me I had this glazed over look in my eyes, a real "freaky trance" he called it. But I swear to you it felt like I saw Scott Neiderman coming towards me as if I had an extra set of eyes behind my head, a set that felt like protection at first.

Patrick told me Scott had yelled my name only 25 feet away, the way you hear all bullies disparagingly call out for their "bitches" as if this were Rikers island, but then--and trust me when I say I had no idea it was an omen of what was to come--Scott tripped over an expertly placed and innocent enough pencil. Of all things, a pencil he hadn't seen prior to stepping his size 10 right foot over, the same one he had been firmly planting up my ass for the last 3 yrs, brought the cherub-faced goliath down. Scott sprained an ankle that afternoon, but he didn't cry while clutching it. Patrick said I got up, carried what remained of my lunch over to the garbage pail and left out of the doors on the opposite end and into the hallway.

He said there was a darkness to my eyes he had never seen before. It scared him to death, slowly I started to sense he feared me. Scott didn't come to school for the rest of that week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday felt like a vacation for me. Finally I was able to concentrate without having fear overcome me as soon as I got within 100 yards of this school. I raised my hand in class more frequently, teachers took notice of my school work improving, and I even smiled once. But I still was having trouble sleeping straight through the night. Things just didn't feel right. First it was the windows that I would find opened to the hilt when I was sleeping, then this cat...a rather large-sized dark cat. Every night outside my home in that same spot, just as I would peek my head through to grab both windows and bring them back in, this cat would be looking up almost as if it knew I had awakened.

It scared the shit out of me. That dark mysterious frame, those yellow mischievous eyes with a touch of sable in the middle--that fucking cat never blinked! Never. And it had a low, husky purr to it. I always shut those windows and expected to turn around just to find that scary fucking cat atop my bed, scrutinizing me as it seemed to love doing. Nothing felt right.

That Friday morning the chain reaction started: Patrick told me during home room while passing notes that one of Scott's goons passed out during dinner: Freddy Gaitlin, didn't even finish his mom's mashed potatoes before falling face-first into them--a family that was a picture of good health all of a sudden had a son sitting there unconscious with his eyes rolled towards the back of his head. Patrick said that's why his sister didn't show up for class today neither. Said she screamed bloody murder and he heard it from across the block while playing Madden football on his PS4.

I didn't want to tell him about the cat...that scary fucking cat. There was enough bizarre, spooky shit going around that I didn't want to add anything else to it."

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Author Notes

It's an ongoing story. There are parts you could find on my wall, hope it captivates your imagination and interest.

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February 01, 2014
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good job on the story. it actually pulled me in and kept me interested throughout the entire story i liked it good job keep up the good work

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