A Poem by lyrycsyntyme

Author: lyrycsyntyme
Created: December 09, 2013 at 01:22 pm
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Category: General/Other | Emotional | Heartbreak
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The Haunting Of Your Vacancy  

the night, the night
it is then that i discover just how expansive the void of these halls is
how much my dreams, hopes, wonders, fears and loves echo on infinitely
and how the lack of another's shared, creates an unbearable space-creating silence
carrying through the hours i try to sleep, and still on, making me want to hide from being awoken
having, in you, so concretely defined what much of a gain there is in having another to hold so close
and, now, how much every single soul missing this blessing lives without
the haunting of your vacancy from the chambers of this place we shared
a place that seemed virtually without walls, and yet still i can find no end of
still echoes back from infinity
"you are all alone
your voice is unheard
that only one can hear
and she can hear none of it now
and you can say none of it now
no matter how much it fills your chest
ready to burst
ready to crumble walls you feel are there
but can't be found
chasing unheard echoes of yourself that infinitely carry on
and in the quiet of the night can't be drowned by day's bustling sound
which will come to be drowned out, itself, anyhow"
and I can hear every flake of fallen snow
and every drop from your eye that falls
though not a word as to just what aches you now
and can you hear just how much I'm alone
if an echo returns no call
in the night, the night

in the haunting of your vacancy i blink
all my letters still lit
yet on a road untraveled
not even figments of deer leaving trails of hope
i wish you could see how much joy
having you, brought to my life
and i wish you still felt how much joy
having me, brought to yours
in the night, in the life

© lyrycsyntyme - all rights reserved

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December 09, 2013
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Interesting ...
I need to think about this ..good poetry ...deep ..

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December 09, 2013
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really brought me there…a window into your thoughts…. nice

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