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Author: RedRozeNinja13
Created: December 04, 2013 at 12:08 pm
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Prologue: Define 'Nor-mal'  

The world is divided into only two things, and after time, you will see that what I am saying is true; The world is divided into what we can see, and what we cannot.
On the side of what we can see- there is light, life, nature, sun- day. Day is what people see. Day is the realm where everything is seen, and everything is done. That is what we call Vietellam. ‘The realm of life.’ the realm of day and of sight, where the sun rises every day without ever failing. But, as one of the scientists from the realm of light once said, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.
I wonder if that little man knew just how right he was?
Where I am from, the clouds are our ground, and death is but a casual occurrence. An occurrence we fight everyday. The things the humans of Vietellam never wanted to believe existed, they exist here. We exist here. And sometimes…..sometimes those things they never wanted to believe in….. sometimes they slip out of our world, and into theirs.
Things like demons. And plague. And the horrible monsters that hide under children’s beds.
That is where you have hunters and slayers- people from the realm where Death reigns supreme, who have the courage to delve into the world of light and exterminate the ones that slipped through their fingers. Before the world of light, also sinks into an inevitable darkness…..
Nobody wants a second world of night.
Our world is more than enough-
To give the earth children bountiful nightmares for centuries to come.
Vietellam children are quite a peculiar occurrence. They “dream”, and sometimes these dreams are horrifying to them, so they are called “nightmares” (I do like the sound of that, “Nightmares”) they hate these “bad dreams”. But they fail to realize what they are actually seeing. Those dreams of corpses coming to life, of werewolves howling and searching for flesh, of vampires waking and pursuing their hunt for blood, of witches cackling and monsters snarling under their beds- they are very real. They are visions from our world. Visions from Muortum. The realm of Death.
A world where every day you wake in night, because the sun is too painful. Where you try to make the best of each day, even though you know that you too are becoming more and more a part of the nightmares that haunt earth children. A world where everything that is not completely human, is banished and forced to stay. A world full of good people, who fight to make sure that the painful sun will still rise in the morning for the humans down below. We walk on clouds, but we are not angels. We are far from it. What would humans say if they knew their angels were really monsters in disguise? We protect them, and yet, if we expose ourselves to them, they want to destroy us. There have been very few exceptions to that. The humans always seek to destroy things they do not understand. Lord Death himself says so. Lord Death- our supreme ruler, who lives alone in his castle, on the highest cloud above us. He sees everything, and he knows everything. He is like our god. He is the only thing that is absolute. He is the one that all humans ultimately fear. All humans fear death, what other horror could there be at the end of one’s life….except to die?
But some of us, In the face of our own apocalyptic world, refuse to die. The same ones that put themselves in the face of danger every day. Hunters and Slayers, nobody seems to realize how big a role they play. Hunters, most have learned by parents or some small institution- a formidable foe for demons surely, but never for a Slayer. A Slayer has been bred since childhood to be a killing machine, through inhumane methods that prove just how nightmarish our world really is. A Slayer has attended one of the international Slayer academies, sponsored by Death himself, though it is a certainty that even he does not know what truly goes on behind those closed doors. Children being turned into killing machines. Most slayers wind up being female. It is some odd phenomena we cannot yet explain, there are male slayers, but they aren’t very common. Slayers tend to not have family, or any attachments to the world. So nobody really cares nor notices when they go missing, or never return. You go in a child, and you come out changed forever.
But it is a good change. At least, in my mind it is. You have a certain respect, and a strength that is certainly enviable. Naysayers will tell you that slayers are soul-less monsters. This isn’t true. They feel like any normal person would. At least, I assume they would. If they were really monsters, would they devote their lives to destroying other monsters? And why would society seek to make more monsters in a world where they are already abundant? In the end, Slayers are just people. And eventually, all people die. Even in the realm of Death…..

But I’m not here because I’m a normal slayer.
I’m not here because I feel like a normal person. Or even because I am one.
I’m here because I’m not. Or at least, I didn’t.
This is a tale of what happens when two extraordinary people,
Come together in a world that is dead-set (No pun intended) on tearing them apart.
Despite what history books say, this is my account of what really happened in those years that led up to the fall of Muortum.

I would know after all. I was there. And I caused it.

That’s right- this one eye of mine saw it all……

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Author Notes

As usual I enjoy feedback, but perhaps especially on this story. It's a pet project of mine and has been rewritten many times, some rewrites are better than others, and what you have just read is the start of yet another.

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December 04, 2013
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Amazingly Awesome
This is a perfect start into a world that is not our own. With Aura narrating the entire story it makes the story have a bigger impact and it is more epic but it is more unique too as no one else can beat Aura in anyway.

Love ya sista,

Love you ^ ^ My only Fan TT^TT -sniffle sniff- And my sisterly figure XD wow that just makes my life seem sad XD

 RedRozeNinja13 replied on December 04, 2013

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