A Short Story by leo1129

Author: leo1129
Created: September 03, 2013 at 10:36 am
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It is Time  

It was that Tom had run his life the way he wanted, , he was very rich and had many things. There was just something that he had longed for. It was some one to share all that he had. It was hard for Tom was a man that worked very hard, and did not go out to the bars. It was many times that he thought about that one while he was coming back from work. He knew that there was one place that e could find someone, that was the church where his friend went. He knew that this would be the best place to go for the bars did not have good women there. He knew that Tom would have to make time to go to church to find that right one. There was one other thing that he wanted to go to church for. That was to get his life right with God for he knew that his work had taken over.

To the shock of his friend Tom asked if he could go with him to his church. He said yes and Tom knew that this was what he needed. It was that he had to put God first in his life over his work. Then maybe God would give him the one that he could love with all his heart. Tom was going to give it up to the Lord he wanted God to be in control of his life. He knew that things were not what they were to be. That night as he prayed at the alter he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up it was a beautiful women she just smiled at Tom. Then he noticed that there was no one there they had all gone home. They talked and he knew that Kelly was the one for him. He could be open about his past and she did not care hat he was rich. She cared that he was putting God over all that he had .

Tom knew that it was God that brought him to that church, one to give everything to the Lord. The second thing was that he had the women that he had longed for all his life for. You have to give it to the Lord and he will bless you with what he knows you needed.

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Author Notes

God is the way only by the cross.

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September 03, 2013
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am sorry for all the People in this world that believe in a Thing that has caused so many wars in the world over the centurys. RELIGION.

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