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Author: SC2028
Created: July 27, 2013 at 04:00 am
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Category: Romance | Love | Heartbreak
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I m not joking  

We are near but our heats are far,
Things don’t seem sight for what we are.
May be its ok for you, but its not for me,
My life is harder than what you see.
Do you know how much pain I bare?
No one will understand even if I share.
I do not know why I am in love with you!
But for sure this love is true.
So much of love which never flies,
So much of love which never dies.
There are promises we could make,
Its all true and never fake.
When you get angry, I wish to convince you with a kiss,
I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss a moment like this.
We would have a dinner in the candle light,
That would be one of our romantic night.
If you are ill I would take care,
All your pain I would bear,
Because our love can only enhance,
The beauty of our both’s romance.
Feels alone although everyone by,
Thinking about this life I feel like to cry.
For I know there is none to wipe my tear,
None to listen and calm down my fear.
Life doesn’t feel as to what it was before,
Because true happiness exists no more.
Just a fake smile resting on my face,
In and out daily in this life’s race.
I always wonder whether you will be there,
In my life to love and care.
Or will this distance between us remain,
And will my life without you go in rain.
Do you think I am not serious about this love of mine?
Or do you think if I am there your life, will not be fine?
I want our love to reach beyond the seas,
Beyond the sky, In the cool breeze.
It is not merely the ring we were,
Nor those lines which we swear.
It is not merely the ring we were.
Nor those lines which we swear.
It is that decision of our hearts,
Promising that only death can take us physically apart,
And after death our soul will live together
Because our love is immortal and forever.
There may be strife’s in this life’s race,
But if we are together everything is easy to face.
For they say, facing together every situation
Is a sign of healthy relation.
For now I just do not know what to do,
I just want to live my life with you.
So that together we would live!...

© SC2028 - all rights reserved

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July 27, 2013
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I found this poem while being spoken with great conviction might be stronger if you made stanza to build power more then just a statement or decree but building the poem to a crescendo maybe there is two poems here very enjoyable thank you

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July 27, 2013
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Again, really good. You're a great poem writer! DONT STOP BELIEVING!

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