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Author: extremeeXrement1
Created: March 25, 2013 at 08:38 pm
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MLP fanfic: Alone on the moon  

Like all matter, temporary objects are subject to decay. Objects such as lifeforms, mortal life forms. The simple tragedy in the lives of mortal beings is their inevitable end. However, despite all the pain and anguish that goes into the death, at least a light at the end of the sad, dark tunnel remains. For one day, the grieving shall join the departed, all their tears shall no longer flow for mortals that is. I Princess Celestia, shall never know the true nature of death. I shall never die, never depart, and never leave this cruel and wicked realm of existence.

Tears still flow like blood, as I was forced to watch all that I care for die, rot away, and depart. However, never shall I join them. Never again will I see my faithful student Twilight Sparkle, and never will I be free from thinking about her. Never again will I love rule over the land of equestria, for it no longer exists. My "title" is irrelevant, I only use it because I've grown so accustomed to it. I am no longer a "princess", not any more.

It brings a fresh tear to my eye, thinking about the days where I was like a goddess to the meager pony folk. Not to sound like I didn't love them, for I did, but they were small. My magic was replicable, and yet I still held a standard of humility amongst them. Alone, I did boast of my superior skill. However, never would I assert my supposed "superiority" amongst them. Being held to the standard of a Goddess was a scary thing. I was afraid of what would happen if I angered the ponies. I wanted to be loved, and I was

I was loved by many a pony, but only one would rule by my side. No permanent companions are there for me. None, accept my dear sister princess Luna. Luna was the most caring pony, yet naive. The one thing she craved more than anything was to be like me, she looked up to me. She saw the sparkle in the eyes of any pony who gazed upon me. She could also see the look on my face as it happened. She respectfully envied me.

This led to our first, fight. I loved her, I just wish every pony else did the same way. As the days passed, and melted into months and years, time and isolation began to take it's toll on Luna's self esteem. As much as I loved Luna to death, I had to admit there was something wrong. You see, my magic was powerful enough to raise the sun and the moon. However my sister needed to play a role in this world. She was to raise the moon as my bright, and vibrant sun, would sink down.

The moment she did this though, everything went wrong. She never had time to interact with her subjects, as I did. They all slept through it all. I truly wish, they would have held on just a little bit longer, in order to see what they she has done. One of the most depressing things I have ever done was sitting idly by as she worked on her designs for her night sky. The wonderfully drawn, constellations, the midnight blue tone of the sky, all of it was just magnificent.

I had worked a long hard day, watching over the realm of Equestria during the day. However, who would I be id I didn't make time for my sister? As tired as I was, I would stay up for about an hour, before taking my rest. Why wouldn't any pony else do so? Was I the only pony that valued her? It hurt me so much seeing the look on her face, as she gazed upon me. At one point, I had to leave and rest, just as all the other ponies did. I was the princess of Equestria, there was no way I could rule without my rest.

That meant that, until it was time for her to sleep through my daytime, she would be alone. I had a crowd of adoring ponies, that had worshiped me during the day, but in the heart of the night, Luna had no pony. Eventually, throughout the hours we spent together, anger had erupted in the young mares heart.

There was one day I vividly remember, where her budding hatred had risen to full bloom. This was the darkest moment of my life. I had awoken from my sleep, and low and behold, my sister
(Sobriety initiated.)
,Princess Luna was awake. She had a stern, evil look on her face. What was going on? She sat on the balcony, looking down upon her inquisitive and fearful subjects. At about right now, the sun should have risen. I walked down towards her, and joined her on the balcony. I had to ask her, "Sister, what is the meaning of this, the moon must fall, yet it still hangs upon the sky as if it were the heart of the night."
She boldly asks, "Do you miss your legion of followers, those ponies who look to you as if you were a deity."
"Why is that important?"
"Does it anger you for them to gaze upon my beautiful creation"
"Sister I know how lonely you feel, when those ponies sleep through your beautiful night, but it is the way it has to be"
"I'm very sorry Celestia, if you truly cared you'd let me do this"
"Sister, unhoof the moon, so that my sun may rise."
"Your sun shall have no presence here, for now the eternal night shall begin"
"But I thought you loved all your subjects, why would you want them to be victim to the horror of eternal night."
"Those ponies will love me, something that you obviously can't grasp"
"Luna, if you do this those ponies will resent you, the only love you will be given is through fear, a false love"
"But it's more than what you've been showing me"
"Luna, you know I won't let you do this"
(Now I get drunk again)
"You are a fool to challenge me"

What should I do? What could I do? She was the one I cherished above all. I loved her, and what could I do to stop her from destroying all that I held dearly. She, like me, was immortal, I could not kill her, and even if she was mortal I couldn't bring myself to do it. There needed to be an option, or else, every stallion, mare and colt, would perish. After, wandering through the torture, the tears, and the contemplation, I made my decision. I was going to banish her, no matter how much it hurt me.

I was depressed, but I tried to look at it with a different point of view. That... thing that stood on the balcony was not my dear princess Luna. No, this was another entity entire, it was at that moment that I thought that my sister had died. I thought there was nothing left of her but her bitterness, the love and happiness subsiding from her. I must remove this abomination before it shrouds the land of Equestria in eternal darkness.

I approached what used to be my sister, and my horn glowed with furry. It wasn't easy, but I banished her to the moon. I used my magic to send her away, she was not powerful enough to put up a real good fight. After that, I sat down, and wallowed in my sorrow. I said out loud to myself, "But I still love you" Tears fell from my eyes, around me I heard praise and applause. I was the hero who vanquished the evil of Nightmare Moon, as they called her. However inside I was empty.

I couldn't deny, I still loved my sister after all of it, no matter what she had done. No pony else ever learned this, and at this very moment, there is no pony to tell. I aided the escape of Nightmare moon. In all my sorrow, I missed my sister Princess Luna, and would do anything to see her again. However, I wasn't stupid, I knew that my student, Twilight Sparkle, could unite us. How ironic it is that the sun and the moon would be joined by Twilight.

We all knew what happened, when this "Nightmare Moon" was at her lowest, after my student and hr friends defeated her, I came back for her. I used the love that I had for her to bring what good there was back inside her. I said, "We were meant to rule together little sister. Will you accept my friendship?"
With tears pouring down her face, she embraced me and cried, "I'm so sorry, I missed you so much big sister."

Of course, she was banished for a thousand years in the desolate wasteland known as the moon. I imagine she did miss me. After that tearful, yet joyous moment, we lived peacefully. It all seemed fine, until the land we resided on began to decay. Luna was my only comfort, even though, all that eye knew was dying. I cried plenty tears when I lost my beloved Twilight Sparkle. Me and Luna were very distant at the time, right now were closer than ever, but at the time it was different.

She was still very angry about being banished for a thousand tears. It filled her heart with emptiness, but that was okay. Every week I got a letter from Twilight Sparkle. I would be very excited about that. I knew her since she was a filly, and I've loved her ever since. To know that she gave me the time to report on what she'd learn was very important. I knew all the stuff she said, I learned it all dealing with Luna. From the day I met Twilight, I was depressed, I wish she had more friends, and I wanted to help.To know that she was learning, was the best thing ever.

The worst thing ever was seeing her pass away. I loved her like a sister, and when she died I cried more tears than ever. It was so hard for me to get through alone. However I didn't think I was alone. There was Luna, also grieving over the loss of Twilight Sparkle. We both sat there mourning her loss. This was one of the closest moments we had.

Tears were flowing in her face, as we stared at Twilight's grave. From what I have known, Twilight saved Luna from an ultimate fate of loneliness. She taught her how to appeal to the people of Ponyville. All of Luna's pony folk friends, are all thanks to Twilight. Having such an impact, you can understand why she was so sad. She rested her head against mine, and cried like never before.

She asked, "Why does it have to be like this?" She sounded like a young filly, just learning how to cope with dead. I wish I had a real response, but no I just leaned my head up against her and said, "I miss her too"
"But you'll be there always right?"
"Of course sister"
The tears began to flow like a waterfall. I was happy that Luna understood, but still, I had to get used to not having Twilight there with me, and that would be hard.

It felt like the early days, before we brought existence to the pony race. Luna was my only comfort in those days, and it was the same way now. In some strange way Twilight dying brought us together. Luna was reminded of how much we love each other. Eventually, all the ponies died, both of us were sad. A whole race, gone, never again to be seen. (Now I'm sober again)It all happened through the harsh whim of nature. Nopony was to blame, and my magic was not enough to bring life back into the lands of Equestria. The entire planet simply decayed.

I didn't blow up, it wasn't destroyed by some evil warlord. The ponies was good stewards to their environment. Just like a living creature, the planet simply decayed. Nothing was left... nothing to support the survival of the pony race. Eventually the plant life went extinct with it. After that their was no point, Equestria is simply a bunch of rocks floating through space. After I left, the planet refused to hold together, and the giant rock, which it was, broke apart into millions of small pieces of debris. All of which is gone, from where I stand, there is not a single remnant of Equestria in my vision.

Where am I to stay? For eternity I am condemned to the moon. Nothing but blank and barren land. All of which had a dull grey tone to it. It was like a prison, and for my sister it was. Now we both stay here. It only makes me feel worse for banishing her here. What kind of sister was I to send her in this hole. I guess I was just doing the best thing for Equestria. However, it could never matter any less. The damage is done, and now we only have fate to blame for our misery.

How ever I don't suppose we are entirely miserable. We still have each other, and that's all that matters. Unlike Equestria, and everything and everypony on it, Luna is here to stay. Like me, she will never die. (Okay now I'm drunk and high off opiates) "My Sister, what is wrong?" I hear Luna say. I am now responding, "Nothing little Sister, I was just reminiscing on the times long forgotten."
"Oh my... I'm so sorry for what we both have endured, but we still have to go on, this is life for us now."
"You're right little sister, I shouldn't dwell on what happened"
"You know... life out here is not so bad"
"You re right, not as long as I have you"
"Together forever"

Who knew we'd have a moment so spontaneously. It didn't take that much to bring us so close. However, we always have moments like that at random. This time I think she could read my face, and see how sad I was. I walk over there, and embrace her in a big hug. It felt so heartwarming that she was thoroughly concerned with my feelings. I had to say, "I love you Luna"
"I love you too, big sister."
"I'm sorry I banished you here all those many years ago"

I will live forever, however I'll never get over what I did. I rested my head on Luna, and let out some tears. She wrapped her arm around me, as to reassure me. She said, "I can't believe you're still feeling so guilty for that"
"It was just horrible though"
"It felt horrible for both of us... I think you sending me here, helped me... To adjust to the lonesomeness, and isolation"
"But Luna, you will never be alone, ever"
"Thank you so much for saying this, it's you, that makes me forget where we are."
"I'd love to move around... let's go for a long walk"
"I've had plenty of time around the moon, I know there's nothing here."
"But I still want to walk, you know, so we can have hope"
"Maybe there is something interesting here"
"But sister, there isn't"
"Oh Luna,you must have hope or we will both be entrapped in eternal misery"
"I guess your right sister"

We both begin to walk, side by side, into the barren fields of nothingness. I love hope, even when there is none. However, I love Luna more than anything else in the world.

© extremeeXrement1 - all rights reserved

Author Notes

Screw all of you, I love my little pony.

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