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"Fifty-Six Puzzle Pieces" Chapter 7

"I don't want to!!!"
"Put your hands right here..."
"No!!! I don't want to!!!"
"I'm going to tell your mom that you're been a bad kid Brian..."
"No Elena...don't tell my mom then she gets mad at me..."
Babysitters fucking sucked, I remember as a child being so uncomfortable every time she was around. Whenever I laid eyes on her my stomach would twist immediately and soon felt disgusted, with myself. I wished I was old already so there was no need for a babysitter, that way I took care of my own self. Not until the later years, I was old enough to comprehend the reasons why she made me feel so uncomfortable whenever she was around.
Part of me wished I never did though.
On this particular night, there was a heavy thunderstorm in the city. I was about three years old and my parents were going out for the night.
"Well you know where everything is at Elena...give us a call in case of an emergency..."
"I sure will...you guys enjoy your night..."
"We will...be a good boy Brian..."
"Oh he'll be a good boy...Brian's always a good boy..."
I was sitting on the couch watching television, not sure exactly what it was I was watching, but whatever it was I knew it would soon come to an end.
"Come here Brian..."
"But I'm watching television..."
Me being the obedient child that I was, I got up from the couch and made my way over across the room to the recliner where she was sitting on. She leaned over and kissed me, in the mouth.
Elena, seventeen years old. Pretty, wavy hair, skin colored mocha, she wore lipstick once in a while, she was thin and had a good body. We lived in a closed-gated duplex sort of deal. As soon as you walked in the entrance was apartment one on your right, two on the left. About ten meters down the pathway was apartment three on your right and four on your left. We were three. Elena was two. My mom had watched her for many years until a few of years back things settled down at her place. Then Mom began to hire her to watch me on nights her and Dad would go out on dates. You see, Elena's mother was a table dancer at some bar, her parents had split shortly after her mother picked up the job, so she had every reason to be fucked up in the head. From time to time there would be a commotion at her place, a fight would break out between her mom and whatever cocksucker she would bring home, and Elena's mom would storm out of the house half naked and drugged out of her mind. So Elena would run to our apartment where she had found sanctuary over time.
*tap tap tap*
I remember the raindrops crashing into my parents' bedroom window. I laid on the bed face up with the lights off, a small crack in the curtains allowed a tiny streak of light from the street lamps outside into the room. A sign of salvation perhaps.
*tap tap tap*
I held the blanket up to my neck, wishing I could go to sleep already. I was tired. Then I felt a small thug on the blanket. Then another. Then another one, this time with a little bit more force, until slowly, it was removed completely.
*tap tap tap*
I felt her hands come to a rest on my shoulders, then slid down slowly tracing the side of my body until they reached my waist. She unbuckled my belt, then undid my pants as she pulled them down to my ankles. My body tensed up and became frozen right away. I squeezed my pillow in fear wishing that my parents came home already.
And began to cry.
*tap tap tap*
There was days mom would be sick all day, other days she would be too silent and way too pensive. She would always wear long sleeved shirts and move her arms in a sluggish motion, constantly complained about pain. I must have been about seven years old that summer, one of the few summers that would make a devastating impact in my life. I had walked into our house, an old place, worn down, seemed to be falling apart every time the wind blew. From the outside it looked haunted, at least it's what all the kids in the neighborhood would pick on me about. As soon as you walked in was the living room on the left, huge space, the biggest window was on the left side, it faced the main street where traffic was active twenty-four hours of the day, two smaller windows straight ahead that faced the neighbor's house. As you came into the living room there was a passage to the right that lead to the dining room, then, once in the dining room area my parents' room was located to the right. The rest of the house was a piece of shit as well, no need to go into details about it though, the story doesn't go too far into it. So I walked into the living room, after finishing a baseball game outside with the neighborhood kids, bat in hand, and heard a scuffle around the corner, sounded like mom and dad. Once I reached the dining room area I saw dad grab mom by her arm and shoved her so hard that she lost her balance and hit her head on the dining table as she fell to the floor. For a seven-year-old mind to witness this and expect a valid comprehension was way out of the fucking picture. I saw him walk toward her as he cocked back his arm as if to hit her again.
All I recall from that moment was pain in my wrists.
Everything went silent. Mom had that look on her face, when a mother realizes that her child is not a child anymore. I felt her pain. I was consumed by anger, the monster that was created that summer day. I swung the bat to the lifeless body that I once referred to as a father. I swung all my childhood hatred away. I swung all the pain away. Up until the point that the silence turned into bloody screams and pleads to stop.
I stopped.
*tap tap tap*
I tried telling Mom what the babysitter was doing to me multiple times, but you know how difficult it is to go against an older person, especially a fucking teenager. I must have cried myself to sleep nightly, holding on to my pillow, after all, it was the only one who would listen to my cries.
*tap tap tap*
Her hands slid down my legs, caressing them, as she became more aroused. Her breaths got heavier. Her movements more passionate. I always felt dirty, like a piece of trash, every time she did this. What did I do to deserve this? Was I really a bad kid? Is that the reason why mom always asked me to be a good boy? Is this my punishment?
*tap tap tap*
I felt a warm and moist object atop my private area. She was sitting on me I think. Like a horse almost. She began to rock back and forth. She moaned and played with my hair as she did this. I gripped my pillow tighter, each tear stung as it exited my eyelids, I whimpered. I held on to my pillow, wishing someone would put a stop to this. The only replies I got were from the rain against the window.
*tap tap tap*
I had my arms around Jennaveve once the morning sun came up. We were so comfortable laying on the floor it didn't seem as if we were getting up anytime soon. I placed my nose on her neck, her skin was like the softest of silks, so warm, so cuddly, slowly I brought my nose up to her cheek, then to her ear. By this time I sensed a smile form on her cheeks as she directed her voice toward me.
"Good morning Brian..."
"Good morning Jenna...how you sleep?
"Great...had you by my side..."
"You're a fucking cheese ball...I love it..."
I adjusted my right arm which was still under her neck and seating her head. Once I finished, I squeezed her lightly toward me and kissed her cheek, then her neck.
"What time do you want to get up Brian?"
"I don't want to get up...fuck today..."
"I have to get up some time...I need to pick up a few things before I go to the airport..."
Oh yes, the day she had to head out to the airport. And back home.
As meaningful as that day was, and should have been, it's really not. The whole day was spent running up and down trying to do last minute shopping and visiting people who she didn't have time to visit her three weeks here. Although, those three weeks were spent with me, I could never have had enough of her. So finally, we got up from the floor, about two hours later than planned, spent the time rolling around the floor kissing and holding onto each other. I jumped in the shower, afterward I laid right back on the same spot I was before and then waited for her to get out of the shower. I thought to myself, when will I ever see her again? Today's the last day and I don't have any plans for a future visit. Is it too early to mention anything about another visit? As she came into the room she placed her stuff on the floor and laid head to head with me, legs pointed opposite directions. I twisted my head toward her and caught a glimpse of her eyes looking back into mine. We scooted a little bit more toward each other until our lips locked, one lip opposite the other. We were kissing upside down.
The worst part about having an amazing time is saying goodbye, that's when reality sinks in and admits the good times are over. For now at least. I drove trough that airport so slow just trying to stretch every last second I had with her, a part of me knew I wasn't going to see her for quite a while, so I had to take advantage.
"We're here Jenna..."
"I know...I don't want to go...no fair..."
"You have to go...you have your own reality waiting for you back home..."
"It's exactly why I don't want to go back home...reality..."
"It's okay Jenna...you'll get used to it fast..."
"I don't want to go Brian...I want to stay here with you..."
"I really wish that was possible...we both have our realities to go back to..."
"I know...I know...this blows..."
I leaned over and gave her a hug. This time around I didn't want to let go. I knew that as soon as I let go of her reality was going to sink in like a ton of bricks, she was going to disappear into that airport and I wasn't going to see her for a long time. I kissed her goodbye.
"Goodbye Brian..."
"Goodbye Jenna...let me know when you land back home..."
"I will...thanks for an amazing time..."
"Thank you for an amazing time...Jenna..."
Her eyes instantly watered, for the first time this trip her face was clouded with sadness. She turned around and walked into the airport terminal.
All I could do from this point on is watch her. Watch her walk into the crowd of people and disappear. Watch her become one with the group of the unknown, the strangers, all traveling to different areas of the world, all traveling back to their realities back home. I must have stood there for an hour or so, expecting to see her run back trough those gates, expecting her to come back home with me. But she didn't. I knew she wasn't coming back. I missed my Jenna. I missed my puzzle piece...

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