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Author: pymlucid
Created: July 21, 2012 at 09:01 pm
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Finding my way

Finding my way.

It is strange to be finding my way
alone in the world
The two roads diverging
the choices to take
the many millions
of galaxies burning
bright in my future
the days of loneliness
and despair that
lie there too.

Finding my way
through the woods
through the desert
across the beach
into the sun
feeling the heat
wanting to feel
heat again
all through
all through myself
heat again.

Finding my way
to someone else
to myself
to a place unknown
to a place unimagined.

I am in Plato's cave
again I am walking blinking
in the sunlight
I thought I had chosen
reality but
it was just another
another set of shadows
on the wall
another case of being
chained to the ground
with all the other idiots
But I've broken from
my shackles and I am bleeding from
the sores
but I'm happy to wounded
out doors.


pjm 7/21/12

© pymlucid - all rights reserved

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July 29, 2012
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I enjoyed this, particularly the mention of Plato's cave. Centuries on his ideas still make you think. And Berkeley's ideas that we create our own reality and that everything we see is only in our own minds that if we claim to know everything then we are arrogant as only God knows everything. This was all I could think about its very good how you have incorporated Philosophy into this poem.

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