A Poem by JudyBall

Author: JudyBall
Created: July 02, 2012 at 05:20 pm
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I've had cats for all my life,
Can't seem to do without one;
Mischievous and filled with love,
Curious, coy and winsome.

Gentle, quiet, patient things,
They try hard not to bother,
But when they think you now have time,
They're in your face and cover,

Your book, your papers or whatever,
You are trying to read,
"You're still at last so pet me now,
You really must concede,

For you've ignored me all day long,
And all day I've waited.
Now cuddle me and scratch my head,
And I will be elated."

They seem so self sufficient,
So quiet and aloof,
But they really long to snuggle,
And be close to us in truth.

To me a cat is such a love,
That when all's said and done,
You really need one in the house.
It's just not home without one.

© JudyBall - all rights reserved

Author Notes

Eevery cat I have ever known has been so affectionate I just don't see how anyone can hate them.
It's just that they have never really known one.

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Comments & Reviews

April 16, 2018
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A Sweet Poem
You obviously love and understand your cats, Judy. I also have cats. All of my cats are outside cats and each of them has a different personality. Most of them are loving and trusting as you mentioned. A few of them are wild, but that is because they are not sure they can trust people. I don't see how anyone could dislike cats either. Probably, as you say, it is because they have never known what cats are really like. Anyway, another very good poem. Thank you for sharing.

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July 02, 2012
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They say that the people who prefer cats are in need for attention and love. I had cats and dogs all my life and love them equally, though sometimes I am more inclined towards dogs. You are right, a house is not a home without a cat, or a pet in general.
Lovely poem.So sweet!

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July 02, 2012
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Nice poem
This poem is cute. I love the cats. And yes the cat is love because it doesn’t bother the people. Nice pet poem.

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