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The Hunger Games. (Chapter Three)  

“What are you going to teach us first?” Katniss asked, as she cocked up a perfect eyebrow.

“We will discuss that over dinner.” Haymitch said, as he gave Katniss a smile.

“Sounds good to me, what about you Kat?” Peeta asked, as he looked at her.

“Is that supposed to be my nickname or something?” Katniss asked, as she became irritated all of a sudden. The only nickname anyone ever gave her was her best friend Gale. Katniss could remember the memory almost as if it were yesterday. Katniss had been about to cross over the barbed wire, when she examined a squirrel being captured by someone, the squirrel was entangled in rope.

“You realize what the penalty for stealing is don’t you?” Katniss turned around, as she saw a man appear before her eyes. The man had dark brown hair, mixed in were some swirls of honey blond, he had tan skin, and he was about six foot tall, but yet he was only fifteen years of age.

“I wasn’t stealing…” Katniss defended herself.

“Then what were you doing?” The stranger asked?

“I was examining your work, if you must know.” Katniss said in protest.

“Alright, ill settle for that. I’m Gale, and your name is?” Gale asked?

“The names Katniss.” Katniss said.

“Well, Katnip it’s nice to meet you.” Gale said.

“It’s Katniss.” Katniss said, in a clearer more pronounced tone.

“I kind of like Katnip better.” Gale said, teasingly.

“Whatever pleases you I guess?” Katniss said. Ever since that day Katniss and Gale slowly became best friends. There friendship was a little bit rocky at first, but as the months slowly went by there friendship grew, they began to hunt together and teach each other new things.

“Katniss… you there?” Peeta asked, as he cocked up perfect brow.

“Oh, sorry I was having a flashback… What were you saying?” Katniss asked?

“I was saying that yes I guess that can be your nickname for me I suppose...” Peeta said.

“Is there something going on between the two of you, that I should know about?” Haymitch asked, in a curious tone.

“No, of course not…why would you think that?” Katniss asked, as her eyes enlarged.

“Just because…you two seem to have a sort of connection. I think that could be one of your strategies. You know form a sort of alliance. When you think about it all of the other districts partners that came together here will stay clear of each other, they’ll want to work out a strategy of there own. If you two pretend to be really close friends, then it will throw everyone else off guard plus the sponsors will love it. I presume.” Haymitch said, as he smiled amusingly to himself.

“I like where this is going.” Peeta said, as he also smiled. All though Katniss wasn’t really sure about this idea, because the closer that Peeta and her got the more she would fall for him. Katniss knew she already had a soft spot for Peeta Mellark. Katniss knew she had to shove that aside for the games, but what if she couldn’t? What if she let her feelings get to her? What if she let Peeta Mellark get her distracted? Katniss sighed silently to herself, as she got deeper, deeper, and deeper into thought about this. Katniss remembered what Haymitch had said about the sponsors, and how this could potentially open more doors.

“Alright, ill go with it.” Katniss said all of a sudden without even thinking any further into it. Katniss knew that she regretted agreeing to it, because she had a bad feeling in her gut that things were going to get more then friendly between her and Peeta Mellark.

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Author Notes

Chapter Three, of my fanfiction story for The Hunger Games.
I hope everyone liked it, I hope that i've intrigued you.

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Katniss what a wonderful name !!!!

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