A Poem by Basi

Author: Basi
Created: April 18, 2012 at 08:16 am
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Category: Suspense | Spiritual | Weird
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Is there any chance??  

it was Friday...
before the Lazarus Saturday...

I was the Last man in that day to Confession room...
Deep Darkness outside..

Only Me and God...
He is ready to hear my voice...

In trembling voice I said... "is there any chance??"

He give a bright smile and said in a smooth voice pointing his hands to the cross
"Up to this!! i loves you.. Be strong and be the light of the world..i am with you" ..

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September 30, 2012
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Beautiful. Simple and Deep it is.

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April 18, 2012
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Whoa that just blew my mind! Especially the last part, that was my favorite of all. "Be strong and be the light of the world...I am with you".

thanks Art..

 Basi replied on May 01, 2012

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