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Author: scousa1
Created: February 17, 2012 at 01:07 am
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so the class system as gone! erm...i dont think so  

Unseen faces behind the hoods
Gives off a sinister feel!
Ashen faced while lost in space
Like onions you forever peel.

As cars cruise round our neighbourhoods
It’s like a scene from “Shaun of the dead”.
They Take the dough and pass the bud
And drive off with the bread.

In days gone by you only had 10%
That controlled the uneducated masses.
So now they have closed the road if you can’t pay the toll
That halved the higher educational classes!

As firestorms burn though the night
That glows red and reflect in your eyes.
Your heart will sink to lower depths
As we mourn at the funeral pyres

I guess Education is not intelligence
I don’t get blinded by what I hear.
Yet “the man “still holds the bigger stick!
That beats us with words of fear!

The head of the snake has many heads
While the angels weep in vain.
You can see them scrambling for the doors
And try To get out on the very last train.

© scousa1 - all rights reserved

Author Notes

hello there fellow scribes.its been a while,
just a bit of a rant i guess. your now quite welcome to shoot it down .
yours in words...joe.

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Comments & Reviews ( X 3)

May 30, 2012
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Told with passion and fire. Life can be harder for some than others. Depends a lot on where you're born. Liverpool has a reputation, particularly around the docks, of being a very tough town indeed.

hi , and thanks for the review! and thanks for reading about me or being "savvie" enough to see were i come from.
have three grown up boys! and its so hard to see the journey that they are having. oh and by the by, please dont drop in because i read your stuff. i read a lot .its just i havnt had the time to sit here now like i use to.i was genuinley interested in your writing.so please dont think your obliged to return the favour! i just like reading ...yours in words ..joe.

 scousa1 replied on May 31, 2012

No Joe, please. If anyone cares enough to comment on mine, I like to return the compliment in kind. When I congratulate someone, on a job well done, I expect at least a courtesy call back, otherwise there's no point, but for honest comments, I sometimes make, which are not words of praise, I don't expect a response. I think it's all about honesty and fairness..

 welcome replied on June 01, 2012

March 01, 2012
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Hey babe
Nice write for one that hasn't written in a while...I too am a little rusty but put a few on anyway...I liked this piece...a rant with poetic license...it is so very true!!!...keep up the writing while in the cold...gives you something else to think about...your mate Jules...

hello jules , yes been a while just cant focus. thanks foe spuring me on.joe.

 scousa1 replied on August 10, 2012

Anytime mate...anytime...I love your ability to so strongly put forward your thoughts but it still is in poetic form...as always tit for tat...I spur you on...you spur me on!!!...Luv Jules...

 silverwings replied on August 10, 2012

February 17, 2012
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The Truth
I thought it was pretty savvy, I mean it's the truth. So excellent job.

well thank you for reading my "humble piece". first in quite a while .so glad it mad sence to you.cheers...joe.

 scousa1 replied on February 17, 2012

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