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Author: jediallday
Created: February 10, 2012 at 11:16 pm
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Category: Opinion | Political | Religion
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“Kill All Infidels”  

“Kill All Infidels”

With lips which speak of honour, of harmony and justice,
But whose hands betray their hearts of hate and vengeance.
They boast their god is honourable, merciful and just,
But there is nothing just about their god of death.

With words that seem to speak the truth for those who would obey,
But with their arms do they destroy the soul of all the innocent.
They would have each and every one bow down to worship him,
Who guides their wicked hearts and minds to destroy the will of all.

“Kill all infidels,
Destroy the holy city.
Break their spirits,
Show no remorse, nor pity.
Cast aside humanity,
Leave no stone unturned.
Until all pray to Allah,
And all heathen cities burn.”

With hearts of stone they wish for all western nations dead,
And reeking havoc do they force the will of all to notice them.
They are not concerned if even their own people are destroyed,
For in the name of their evil god they justify their cold intent.

With cool resolve they seem hell-bent on finishing their war,
And do not rest until the whole world turns unto their god.
They would have Earth believe that their cause is pure and just,
Whose boastful little horn, their prophet, crowns himself with lust.

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Author Notes

Original last 2 lines:
"They would have Earth believe that their cause is pure and just,
Whose boastful little horn, their prophet, crowns himself as king."

Note the change. I decided to rhyme the last two lines because it seemed to fit better than the above original.

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Comments & Reviews

March 10, 2012
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Screw jihads and crusades
Shit stirring whether it be from Christian, Jew or Moslem raises a stink. However one who studies true history knows that during the European Dark Ages when mostly all tow headed, newly converted Christian Teutonic conquers were too unenlightened and illiterate to even read or write a poem, The Moslem poets were penning many fine pieces.

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March 08, 2012
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the writing is excellent
however the subject sucks, if we're so evil how come you have right to post that poem on this site? if this site was run in iran how much of it would be cencored?
not that we are some white night, we are very grey like most people are shit stinks
and muslim shit stinks too
agian good writing that's what my rating reflects

Would it suck for you if the poet called for the destruction of Mecca or Tehran ? It all stinks no matter what monotheistic holy book one lives by or under what wavering cloth flag one stands

What sounds come from Washington, London or Tel Aviv, but the constant grating noise of shit stirring saber rattling ?

 OCeallaigh replied on March 10, 2012

to answer your question would it suck if the poet called for the destruction of mecca or tehran? yes It would
as far as what comes out of washington,london or tel aviv? who cares
they don't represent the average citazens of their countries

 holdencaufield replied on March 12, 2012

February 10, 2012
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strongly wording
is a poem allowed to be political if politics is for everyone maybe it is a poetic essay,which could an original effort to a category that fills a void of from essay to what maybe a poem so full marks for originality that is in issues are delt with by intellect as in learned words fitted to a structure....larry

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