A Poem by theoncebroken

Author: theoncebroken
Created: November 03, 2011 at 05:15 pm
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Category: Horror | Love | Sad
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A person like me

The feeling is distant. Its cold,
and it's unclear why.
Its like a release of poison, that courses through your body- filling you up with doubt and consumes you with despair
You're heart bleeds and ruptures- You're body trembles as it relives the pain he inflicted upon you're being
Thine eye's grip onto you're tender skin
His sinister smile, of all evil he raptures within he releases upon me.
I can no longer fight

Things we may never understand, and things we can never learn- All love spurned into a deadly hate.
Loneliness and hopelessness attacks even the deepest of thoughts
Its the wrong kind of Wright to find some comfort on educating myself on our battles- the dark side of love- our love.

I seek the questions from the conflicted fights we endure; The cause of all my scars, and my fears.
Finding a trigger of light at the darkest hour.
Trying to end this, end the hate-the stale love of the remains that was tainted.

Losing love, a love which can never be replaced,
the love a person longs for.
A person like me

© theoncebroken - all rights reserved

Author Notes

Every word you inflict to hurt the person who has hurt and deceive you, will hunt you.
It never ends
hate generates though our spite and our actions
but hates a strange thing once its burnt out
it's only stale love- remains of the broken

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