A Poem by kimmyheartbroken

Author: kimmyheartbroken
Created: October 11, 2011 at 04:20 pm
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Category: Sad | Love | Heartbreak
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Broken but i'll still act strong.  

My heart, a caring, fragile thing.
My love, waiting and unique.
My tears, often but have a meaning.
These cuts, release a relief feeling.

Iím never going to feel good enough,
Never will I be the one you want.
Iím broken, yet I told you wrong.
Shattered, but Iíll still act strong.

Caring, yet I care too much.
Thoughtful, but itís tearing me apart.
Emotional, yet it helps me move on.
Broken, but Iíll still act strong.

Tired although itís not your fault.
Hungry, but Iíd rather stop.
Crashing from the inside out.
Iím breaking, but I told you to go on.

Iíll be your friend if thatís what you want,
But I canít stand the thought youíd dump me without thought.
I guess thatís really whatís tearing me apart.
Broken, but Iíll still act strong.

© kimmyheartbroken - all rights reserved

Author Notes

i'm fine i say, yeah sure i'm okay. But its only getting harder each day. It's all my fault, don't get me wrong. But i'm still going to act strong.

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Comments & Reviews

October 11, 2011
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Another great write. Even if one is broken she should act strong, because even the act itself can help you become strong and go through whatever this issue in life may be.

You'll feel better one day, I promise you.
I've been through this and I'm glad I survived it.

Thanks for sharing!

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October 11, 2011
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I wrote One like this, just a few moments ago. I know that feeling's the wors in the world, cuz no one can help u through it. I deffedentlly sucks

love forever artemis of the greek

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