A Poem by Richieluv

Author: Richieluv
Created: September 04, 2011 at 04:05 pm
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Dine With Him  

This and many I should have known and done.
Here I am pleading to be pardoned.
I am human,perfection is miles friendly with me.
You were with me all this time.
An image of you in my room.
I did wrong,so many wrongs,I think might even bring curses upon me.
Making me want to hurt again.
I went crazy,I felt it eventhough I might smile with my friends.
Deep inside I needed you.
You were with me.
You stood at my door.
Knocked so I could just pray for your merciful entrance.
I mad you sad,master.
Yet you washed my feet.
Such humility made me cry.
Regret my actions.
Your love is pure and true.
Now my heart says.
I need to dine with him.
If I need a bright life ahead,Jesus come dine with me.
If I need love in abundance,dine with him.
Jesus,Lord,my saviour.
Show me your grace.
I never want to miss your care and mercies.
Jesus I have opened my door come,Lord and my Master dine with me and stay with me in every storm and put a smile on my face.

© Richieluv - all rights reserved

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September 26, 2011
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i love that you can express your love for our Father so graciously. He is the basis for our existence and yet we turn away from him over and over again. invite him to dine with you, he loves to be loved and when you search him out, truly seek him with all your heart, you will find that he was with you all along. Great job and God Bless!!

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September 04, 2011
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once again another perfect deeply moving write

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September 04, 2011
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Dear Richieluv,

Your love, humility, and discipline are very inspiring. Thank you!. Many Biblical scholars
believe that knowledge of Jesus' vegetarian diet was suppressed after the
Council of Nicea in 325 AD

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