A Poem by TempestOfNature

Author: PRO TempestOfNature
Created: July 06, 2011 at 12:56 am
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Category: Fantasy | Suspense | Romance
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Passion That Stayed

Passion That Stayed
Copyright©2011 Tempestt

He cupped my face as the tears swell
All I could taste, what I could smell
Was the breath of his voice
The surface of his tongue
The skin to skin contact
What we have done

Words begun to consume me
An appetite of energy
Swept through my core
As the tears fell noted
Between the cracks of a kiss
That last a thousand lifetimes before.

In that single moment
All I could remember
Was feeling the emptiness inside of me
Grow quiet cold and decayed
All I can remember was the emptiness inside of me
Filled with the passion that stayed.

© TempestOfNature - all rights reserved

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July 06, 2011
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This is a beautiful and passionate write for sure my friend. keep up the good writing and spotlight! B&L

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July 06, 2011
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good write
Indeed, a kiss can be a powerful thing and the energy can last a long time. May your passion stay with you both.

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