A Poem by azurasfire

Author: azurasfire
Created: May 17, 2011 at 09:24 pm
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Love and Strife's Devotion  

Countless photographs,
Pages with his name,
Books filled with our history,
It's all driving me insane.
I miss you,
Think of you every night,
You haunt my dreams with your presence,
And thrill me with your sight.

I find myself remembering you,
Your sudden guises all seem strange,
Do you still hum when you read,
I wonder how much you've changed.

I want to know your affection,
I hunger for your touch,
Though we've been apart for so long,
I still miss you so much.

I want to ban you from my thoughts,
It's useless to live in the past,
I must focus on the future,
How long will these feelings last?

Blinded to your shameful gaze,
My ignorance had been bliss,
All the promises I found to be lies,
When I tasted her in your kiss.

Haunted by bittersweet memories of betrayal,
Mocked by the wasted years,
Begging of you, be happy and smile,
For I am not worthy your tears.

When she senses you shiver beside her,
In the innocence of the night,
That's my forgotten spirit caressing you,
With bitter feelings of delight.

I sense your heated stare upon me,
Your cold breath across my cheek,
And the memories come in hurtful surges,
Gripping powerfully, I can't speak.

Icy fingers of jealousy,
Are frozen with desire,
Only you can bring forth my dormant emotions,
For you are my one true fire.

This discontent consumes me,
Her fingers stroke my face,
Meaningless touch leaves me completely empty,
I long for your saving grace.

I hope you drown in vanity,
Pray she was worth it all,
While I stumble through the memories,
It is you who will take the fall.

Is it natural to feel so alone,
When you have found someone new,
She is all that I should ever want,
But what I want right now is you.

When we made love all those nights,
Whose face did you really see,
Vile doubt consumes my soul,
My heart begs to be free.

She's not who I believed to be,
Her beauty doesn't match her soul,
Her lips scorching with false passion,
Her eyes that burn so cold.

I feel your decadent longing,
There's ice fills within your veins,
Hollow love will not mend this wound,
Only I can heal your pain.

While in her arms I grieve for your touch,
Like an unrepentant sin,
Remembering caress of your fingertips,
Tracing sensual paths across my skin.

I can see inside your soul,
When you lay her down to sleep,
Secretly knowing it's my essence,
That you crave to keep.

When she speaks to me of her love,
I imagine you at my side,
The words you spoke so pure and precious,
I knew you never lied.

Her kisses are hungry, her promises empty,
Every bit so untrue,
I hear your thoughts and can promise,
She'll never love you like I do.

I detest this innate wanton enticement,
Meaningless ardor spawns regret,
We will recover from this lost relationship,
It is you that I won't forget.

You have it all, or so you think,
You can't understand how you feel,
Beauty's affections leave you bitterly weak,
Because my love was real.

I drown my sorrows in warm bodies,
Fill my head with wine,
Proclaimed caring souls all have lied,
My suffering has not eased with time.

My content smiles are wretchedly forced,
I'm through with this compelled hate,
Damning myself for this undying love,
I loathe my heartbroken fate.

What happened to the man you held dear,
The lover you once adored,
Cursed truth creates my hellish misery,
You are not mine anymore.

I only want you to be happy,
Even if I can't call you mine,
In your presence I will contently smile,
To later cry for the one left behind.

I taste the tears you have cried,
Knowing that this is true,
I do not deserve your souls mercy,
I'm not worthy of you.
Countless photographs,
Pages with her name,
Books filled with our history,
It's all driving me insane…

© azurasfire - all rights reserved

Author Notes

This poem is from two perspectives (her) Love and (him) Strife

To love is their fate
To walk separate paths is their sin of choice
Forever shall their souls be bound together

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Comments & Reviews

September 22, 2011
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I think you captured your feelings very well wonderful work

Sorry for the late reply I had logging issues. Thank you for the comment.

 azurasfire replied on October 27, 2014

July 28, 2011
Helpful? Thumbs UpThumbs Down
Hello,i just love this!!! I must confess,it came out great!!! My dear keep it up because this is great.thank you.

Sorry for the late reply I had logging issues. Thank you for the comment.

 azurasfire replied on October 27, 2014

June 02, 2011
Helpful? Thumbs UpThumbs Down
very good
This touched a soft spot, hit close to home. It brought up some emotions and memories I've had buried for some time. Very well written, thank you for sharing it.

Sorry for the late reply I had logging issues. Thank you for the comment.

 azurasfire replied on October 27, 2014

May 20, 2011
Helpful? Thumbs UpThumbs Down
This too, shall pass
and I think you wil be better for it

There are no comments on this review.

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