A Poem by AmandaOlsonLoves

Author: AmandaOlsonLoves
Created: March 24, 2011 at 04:45 pm
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You say my minds been blank,
My eyes have been cold,
You ask whatís wrong?
Iím not turning that old.

18 isnít that old,
Iíll give you that much.
But sometimes I feel,
Iím missing that touch.

Iím not a normal teenager,
Iím a little more sad.
And even though I hate it,
I seem to always be mad.

Growing up can be scary,
Even more so when youíre me,
Always hearing people complain,
Of what ďtheir Amanda should be.Ē

I look at the world a bit differently,
Everything I see would be a picture with time,
I try to share my thoughts, and my wants,
But they arenít worth a penny, or a dime.

I donít do well in school,
Even though Iím smart,
I never listen to my mind,
Always follow my heart.

I donít want to end up like her,
The person who Ďhelped me growí
She has hurt me a lot,
More then you will ever know.

Growing up can be scary,
Even more so when youíre me.
I try to act happy, as if Iím okay,
And that is all these people ever see.

You want to know more of me,
You want to know why,
Secrets that I hide from you,
And why I want to die.

These cuts wont go away,
Seem they will always here,
This is why growing up,
Causes me fear.

I will have to leave home,
I will have to leave my dad.
The thought of being on my own,
Kind of makes me sad.

Itís a scary world,
Itís unpredictable out there,
One little spark,
Can start a big, bright flare.

I have always been afraid,
Of this age coming here,
I just never though of it,
Avoided all the fear.

Now its coming, and itís time to prepare,
I can not change this life,
All I can simply do,
Is put down this knife.

I will not hurt myself anymore,
For I am getting of age,
Please believe me when I say,
This is my life, no longer a stage.

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Author Notes

Wrote this as motivation to myself to start working on my life.

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Comments & Reviews

March 27, 2011
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I think you captured it perfectly - your emotion into a form of deep expression. I can definitely relate here to this poem from when I was younger... People expect you to be a certain person - a certain persona by a certain age, and you're right in what you expressed here. You are who you are and don't ever let anybody try to shape that because they don't try to understand.

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March 26, 2011
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Very nice piece,you have the brains I think you will be just fine on your own.

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March 24, 2011
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Poetry IS motivating! Just be who you want to be and hang around those who let you shine bright! AND your thoughts are worth a million when you finally reach out and touch someone with a simple poem. You will touch someone one day, someone will really feel your work, you have a great opportunity to teach others to say: hey your not alone!-goth

Thank you for yout kind words.

 AmandaOlsonLoves replied on March 25, 2011

March 24, 2011
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Good job on this. Very emotional and thoughtful. It's deep and personal and i'm glad to see your writing again. keep up the good work.

Your dearest friend, and deepest fan, -sabey75

Aka, Your Princess

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March 24, 2011
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Wow, that was a really personal piece you shared there with us. I'm really sorry if you feel that way about growing up, I have to admit I myself am quite scared sometimes as well, not knowing what's awaiting me in the real world. Anyway, you did a great job on this poem! I really enjoyed reading it, the rhymes are almost perfect and some although some stanzas come across a bit awkward the overall flow was good!
Keep it up!

Thank you

 AmandaOlsonLoves replied on March 25, 2011

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