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Ice Breaker

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Author: SuRreal
Created: January 22, 2011 at 11:38 pm
Entry Type: Book Review, G (All)
Category: Inspirational | Opinion | General/Other
Entry Stats: 4 Stars by 1 users with 1 comments 810 views

Ice Breaker 
As this is my first entry, I thought it appropriate to pay homage to the man who said it best, Mr. Matthew Gregory Lewis author of the book: "The Monk".

Of writer's

"An Author, whether good or bad, or between both, is an Animal whom everybody is privileged to attack; For though All are not able to write books, all conceive themselves able to judge them. A bad composition carries with it its own punishment, contempt and ridicule. A good one excites envy, and entails upon its Author a thousand mortifications. He finds himself assailed by partial and ill-humoured Criticism: One Man finds fault with the plan, Another with the style, a Third with the precept, which it strives to inculcate; and they who cannot succeed in finding fault with the Book, employ themselves in stigmatizing its Author. They maliciously rake out from obscurity every little circumstance which may throw ridicule upon his private character or conduct, and aim at wounding the Man, since They cannot hurt the Writer. In short, to enter the lists of literature is wilfully to expose yourself to the arrows of neglect, ridicule, envy, and disappointment. Whether you write well or ill, be assured that you will not escape from blame; Indeed this circumstance contains a young Author’s chief consolation: He remembers that Lope de Vega and Calderona had unjust and envious Critics, and He modestly conceives himself to be exactly in their predicament. But I am conscious that all these sage observations are thrown away upon you. Authorship is a mania to conquer which no reasons are sufficiently strong; and you might as easily persuade me not to love, as I persuade you not to write."

To Mr. Lewis!

Last Modified: January 23, 2011 at 12:59 am

Author Notes
Source: "The Monk", Matthew G. Lewis - 1796


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Comments & Reviews

January 23, 2011

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Cheers! I couldn't think of a more approrpiate sentiment for the first post.

There are no comments on this review.

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