A Short Story by Desmond

Author: Desmond
Created: December 31, 2010 at 07:11 am
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Category: Sad | Friendship | General/Other
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Her final words  

I do not like being late, I never do - today, I was late.
But looking around the church as I quickly took my seat, and only after the old church door slammed noisily behind me - left me with the feeling of great sadness.
They all turned to look at me, as if I was an intruder.

I say all but just four people were present, sitting two rows from the front.
The vicar who was doing the usual thing - talking so familiar about someone he has never met. But he did not look up, as he was going through the motions of delivering his speech.

Just a handful of people saying their final goodbye - it did not seem right.
But my reverie was soon interrupted, as I heard the vicar say.
"Would anyone like to say a few words, about the deceased?"
Deceased - who the hell, made up that word.

No one spoke, no one moved from their seat, the church seemed to groan with a heavy silence.
He was about to move on, the vicar that is, but I instinctively, before I knew what I was doing - stood up straight and then heard myself say.
‘I would - I would like to speak’
They all turned to look at me once more - but what they may have been thinking about me, I cared not to know.

As I walked slowly to the front of the church, all those in attendance watched my every step.
The vicar nodded his head towards me as I reached the pulpit and then stood to one side.
Now looking down at this vast empty space and at the strangers who were looking up at me, I very slowly began to speak.

‘Nina would not be sur - surprised’ I started to say but then paused as I looked down, and as the feeling of sadness overwhelmed me.
‘Nina - would not be surprised, that so few are sitting here today.
Her life was a constant struggle - and her death, was no doubt a release for her’

‘But despite all of this sadness - was someone who was my friend, a kind person, and she was always helpful, to all that she met.
You know, she could see the hurt in the eyes of others, as one who was so familiar with similar feelings of isolation and she was always ready, to extend her hand of friendship’

‘The last time that I saw Nina was on new years eve, one year ago.
I had in truth, invited myself down to her small cottage, as I was, as always, concerned about her but we spent a happy time, seeing in the new year’

‘I knew then, as I have always known - that this day would come, and although I feel guilty for not being there for her, I also know, that little of what I may have said to her, would have changed anything’

'But as I was leaving on that cold January morning - after I kissed her on the cheek and was standing by her garden gate, she held onto my arm.
She then said this to me.
“Dessy, it is not what we say in life that really matters, it is what we omit to say.
It is that word of encouragement - that reaching out when we see someone in need, that smile, that simple smile, that can radiate and warm the heart of anyone, that we come into contact with”

'If only, if only she had received more smiles in her life, more understanding, more love - then maybe, we would all be sitting somewhere else today.
I consider it a privilege to have known Nina as a friend and I will miss her - yes I will miss her but her memory will always, always live in my heart’

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Author Notes

I know, another sad piece of writing - but this is part true, part fiction.
And it is her final words, that made this writing a necessity.

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Comments & Reviews ( X 24)

July 29, 2011
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I really like this Desmond - lovely flow to it and so atmospheric - felt I was there in that church as well viewing this ceremony which, in the sad lack of attendance, was so similar to some I've been to. Don't know Nina's age but it seems the older one gets the less of a congregation the event attracts. Dismal thought I suppose.
Thanks for this piece - enjoyed it very much.

Thank you Caro for reading and your kind review - as always, I do appreciate it.

 Desmond replied on July 31, 2011

March 30, 2011
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An explosion of emotion written on pages. You see, this is why i love your writing. So much damn emotion!!!!!

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January 29, 2011
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hi there. my it has been ages.
i see u still have that special touch in ur works. they have always been inspirational for me.
so sad someone like nina with so much to give has only a few people to say goodbye too. i think this can be said for a lot of people around. we all should spend more time for the little things that matter in life. wonder what a smile can do for someone alone.
this really had me thinking because it had a very wise and deeply emotional aspect to it.
thank u

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January 22, 2011
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i have a big lump in my throat..
anyone can read a sad piece of writing and be touched as it is emotional.. but you reach a reader on a different level, its something i have always noticed about your writing.. theres always something to acknowlegde and to learn from it..
and of course apart from that, your just a great writer! a awsome way or wording things, without saying much you can define a character and make them easy to relate to and understand.

glad to finally be back on writers, its been a looooong time... lol lookin forward to catching up on all ur new stuff

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January 14, 2011
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Very Touching.
I will have to agree with all the comments below, it is indeed a very moving piece. One that mesmerizes you, and breaks your heart. Just loved the message. It is always the things we don't say that end up shaping up our lives. or rather, misshaping it. I think as far as it is possible, we must try to say the kindest of things. Be genuine, but considerate. Thank you for reminder! Even though it makes me sad to think this is partly true. Beautiful write. Spotlight!

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January 14, 2011
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good job

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January 14, 2011
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Reflections seem to
reach into our hearts and pull out our inner most feelings as you have done within this pristine piece. It reaches into the corners of our minds, we have put into hibernation, to give ourselves a self examination. Why have we not followed our heart when we have been illuding the truth. Taking the time to see and support those we love is a privilege we tend to place on the back burner until it burns for attention. Our painful recognition within the heart screams to us act.

Thank you so much for sharing. Your words flow freely and always hit the bullseye of intent.


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January 14, 2011
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A similar profound statement made an incredible imprint upon my life too and that similar quote which affected me? - 'It's not the good we do in this life but the good we don't do'.

Sometimes the words people say and the way they are said can spin you around towards a completely different door altogether. This is such a beautiful and poignant write and I can forgive it being sad for it is inspiration again from your hand and a kind of understanding of sorts that is never missing from your work. your site is where I feel so much peace and I thank you for the many times you have shared your comfort.
Yours Kassie

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January 13, 2011
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sad happy what ever! a GEM of a piece,great start to my new year .it is a story of life...
for death has no dominion! right? loved it! worthy of the spotlight by a country mile...happy new year brother Dessy......joe.

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January 12, 2011
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This touches the very soul. it isn't always what is said so many times it is what is not said. You have in your words sat us down at that very church I could feel the wooden benches and hear the echo of words being passed through all the open space. But most of all I could feel your heart in each and every word. Thanks for sharing such truth and thought that we should rethink for own enrichment of life....Tony....Spotlight

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January 10, 2011
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That is touching and I do not say that in a trite manner, that is deeply touching. Those are words that hold power because they reverberate with honesty and truth. That is a wonderful gift that she gave you in those words. A life lesson that frames all interactions there foreward. I am moved by those words to think of my own life and how I should heed that advice myself. Wonderful work. Spotlight D

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January 09, 2011
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Hey Barry, great story and you have a way with sadness and the sullen ways of death. I thought the story was going to end up with you in the coffin,lol. I avoid funeral's. The whole point of life is that one day you will be dead and move on. I really see nothing sad in this. that's why it's silly to take life seriously. But you really take the human aspect of the attitude and I could feel myself in the church. Hey and thanks for all your great input, always appreciated! Paul

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December 31, 2010
Helpful? Thumbs UpThumbs Down
Absolutely beautiful piece. I always love reading this type of story. One that inspires and teaches a valuable lesson in a subtle way. Very much like my writing. Your balance with speech, description and logic is perfect. I enjoyed this piece thoroughly. I cannot say there is any criticism...Well done!

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