A Poem by Coffy

Author: Coffy
Created: October 31, 2010 at 09:42 pm
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Category: Romance | Love | Adult
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Untitled III  

Well have a seat my King......let me speak to you in a language of scenes
.....A sigh released to into air..
Your presence manifests love into the oxygen I breathe...
you are always on my mind........ even when your not here
Everyday in your world is a lifetime in mine
Constantly i reflect on our moment and it's as if your actually there..
Feeding into my mouth everything but doubt..
LoyalI remain, my appreciation will sustain..
A place in this universe to which we will claim.
Every hour we're together is like the gentleness of a feather...manipulated by the weather;
Sent to your spirit from mine with a scent reminiscent of a sweet sensual wine
It's not that I limit with you, my time
I am a Goddess and my creation although Divine
Allows for only in the sands of the hourglass for me to reside...

......Appearing only when your just steps away from me I hear...
............A symphonic orchestra's ballad..
Music of the mind acknowledging the meeting of you and I ..
And the impossibility of a life I wish that I could share with you..
If we are ever to fall into each others arms for more than a moment's grasp....
What we have would soon surpass...all the goodness present would cease to exist..
The world spins on it axis because only here on this day...are we to say...
How being next to each other makes us feel this way...Should it all go wrong..
Do not wonder why what we share could never last..
My life flows like the stream of a river, and unlike you I'll live forever..
I shall not love as it would soon one day bring me to conceive...
Thoughts of a life without you, to fathom i could never ...
So please take what we have now....
And carry it with you from here on in and every moment from now on.

© Coffy - all rights reserved

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November 07, 2010
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a beautiful story and a heart-warming poem. very good write keep up the good work :]]

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