A Poem by feeshastar87

Author: feeshastar87
Created: October 02, 2010 at 04:29 pm
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Category: Fantasy | Philosophy | General/Other
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As I gazed into the night sky, my eyes wandered hopelessly.
I longed for something I had yet to find.
As I sat and gazed at the brightest star
I could see, I felt inside of me
A yearning to do something
To be better.
This was my sign.
I wondered why this star was different from the rest...
It was bigger, brighter, bolder.
It rested higher up in the sky then the others.
It sparkled so
As I sat in sheer amazement at its awe and beauty.
I sat and sat and sat and thought and wondered.
Lost in space and time a voice
Whispered in my ear.
"It isn't a star at all, look closer"...
I closed my eyes.
And I thought some more.
As I opened them, I saw it...
All the other stars were flickering
Like spilled glitter on the floor.
But not this star.
This one never faltered, never failed.
It was sure of itself.
And then I knew...
It wasn't a star at all.
That voice was right.
This was Venus.
This is what I had been missing.
Most stars just burn out and die,
But this one had such a stellar quality.
I realized it was so much more then a star.
Right there in front of me all along,
Was Venus.

© Phylicia Appling 2010

© feeshastar87 - all rights reserved

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October 02, 2010
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Venus, what a great planet...this was interesting! very cool! something i would`ve never thought of... hehehe anyways, this is good.

Thank you! Glad you like!

 feeshastar87 replied on October 02, 2010

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