A Poem by Slowmolefty360

Author: Slowmolefty360
Created: August 28, 2010 at 09:20 am
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Category: Spiritual | Spiritual | Spiritual
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It's Up The Lord

Tormented tiredness of high above lust
borrowing time in another dominion
gazing and gazing and sloshing through
welcoming of the dulled beginnings
not sacrificing for one all in vain

wanting nothing but indecent restore
following life as a tragic for cast truth
battling vendetta of the cork and ferment er
truth begins with helping those malignant
wandering and peering with all ones will

welcoming love and peace as tomorrows fruit
but sorrow of pain of that other eventual day
zest full happiness of want, though when
wanting for that encompassing warmth
gone today and gone forever these thoughts scare

downing and consuming with vigor and grin
laying and praying lying at rest because only he
warmth glow of indecent souls ramped and trapped
not knowing how and when he him will call
when and how is the Almighty's decision

© Slowmolefty360 - all rights reserved

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