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Author: jmichelle
Created: June 17, 2010 at 07:03 pm
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belly button ring  

just because you dont agree
doesnt mean i am wrong
you think its disgusting
but its just a piercing
a barbell in the belly button
is it so wrong to want that?
they think so
but its not
its not like i am going to wear shirts several inches to short
or use it as a turn on
for gosh sakes i dont even think it is one!
is it wrong to want a belly button ring?
i dont think so
and neither do alot of people
why are you so opposed to it?
you have to be 18
it comes with the same risks as ear piercing
and i have one of those
is it wrong to want one?
no for me
yes for them
what do you think? is it?

© jmichelle - all rights reserved

Author Notes

i want a b.b.r. (belly button ring) but some people (rents) dont think its appropriate for me to have one....

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June 17, 2010
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well done
good job, I understand your frustration, my duaghter had the same.. I finally gave in as she matured more.. she did well it .. shes a great kid. it has nothing to do with you. its moms and dads..good job expressing how you feel..

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June 17, 2010
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I knew sooner or later the subject of body piercing would come up in dispute in poetry form, its a new age accessory along side Tatooing and teens want to fit in with their peers,age is a issue as body piercers can be sued for performing this act on under agers,and parents see it as mutilation,seriously my opinion is its no different to having your ears pierced,though it has been a fact that belly buttons can get infected and take over 6mths to a year to fully heal,then you have to consider are you one to show your belly off to all in sundry? or is it just for personal attire to make you feel good?,is it a fashion statement? and do you really need it? Just some things to think about,I hope you get your belly button piercing if it means that much to you..MUCH LOVE~Vlada~aka Rayvhenwing.

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June 17, 2010
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it all up to you!! just think out side the box...need? want? maybe?its like deciding on a tattoo. you either want one or you dont...you can always take it out i do.like the poem ..is this a debate???? lol joe.

eh not exactly a debate more like a aggravated question i want peoples opinions on... so yeah pretty much a debate lol

 jmichelle replied on July 26, 2010

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