A Poem by AshleyMartin

Author: AshleyMartin
Created: April 12, 2010 at 08:27 pm
Upload Type: Poem, T (13+)  
Category: Free Verse | Sad | Dark
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The Wrong Path

I open my eyes to a stretched out path
Either side covered with unrecognizable things
Everything is brand new & I start to crawl,then walk,then run
The path is always filled with new experiences
Everything seems simple.

But their now is a split in the road
One way is bright and filled with happiness
but the other is tempting and filled with vague promises.
I go down the dark path, i can always go back.. right?

As i enter the path everything that seemed so great is now filled with pain and sorrow
i want to run back to fix my mistake
but twisted branches block the way
my beautiful path is now a scary nightmare
i crouch on the sharp rocks that are scattered all around
and cry so very helplessly

why didn't i take the right path?
Why didn't i know better?
Why didn't anybody stop me?
How can i keep going when the path is no longer tolerable?

Their is a cliff that's right beside the scary path.
Words swirl around in my head.
As i stand on the edge looking at the black unknown ahead
i wish that someone would've been on the path with me
someone to guide me down the right path

But as i stand on the ledge, i realize, i am alone
Alone in a cold and unwelcoming world that i no longer want to be in

So i fall forward and dissapear from a path that no one knew i was even on.

© AshleyMartin - all rights reserved

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April 18, 2010
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nice use of a metaphor here. i believe that we do not choose which path to follow but are pushed down that path by our life experiences. i was pushed down the dark path and believe me my life was slipping away from me but i had the strentgh to turn around and say i want a happy,bright life and guess what i have found it although some dark shadows do reappear sometimes, i have everything i ever wanted and the things i wanted so badly i gained from the dark path. Sometimes you just need to accept you are on a downward spiral to gain the courage to turn around. Read my poems Too Much Too Young Parts 1 +2 and you will understand how a dark path can turn good! keep your head held high.
love, amayia-grace

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