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A Poem by ThunderStorm

Author: ThunderStorm
Created: April 03, 2010 at 10:52 pm
Upload Type: Poem, G (All)  
Category: Fantasy | Fantasy | Fantasy
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Wrestlemaina's Greatest phenom  

The undertaker's wrestlemaina streak is a long list of Dragons who come and Failed.

Wrestlemaina 7 1991 jimmy snuka.

Wrestlemaina 8 1992 Jake Roberts.

Wrestlemaina 9 1993 Giant Gonzales.

Wrestlemaina 11 1995 King Kong bundy.

Wrestlemaina 12 1996 Diesel.

Wrestlemaina 13 1997 sycho sid.

Wrestlemaina 14 1998 kane.

Wrestlemaina 15 1999 big boss man.

Wrestlemaina 17 2001 Triple H.

Wrestlemaina 18 2002 Ric Flair.

Wrestlemaina 19 2003 Big show and A-train.

Wrestlemaina 20 2004 Kane.

Wrestlemaina 21 2005 Randy orton.

Wrestlemaina 22 2006 Mark henry.

Wrestlemaina 23 2007 Batista.

Wrestlemaina 24 2008 Edge.

Wrestlemaina 25 2009 Shawn michaels.

Wrestlemaina 26 2010 Shawn michaels.

The undertaker is the Greatest wrestlemaina phenom of all time.

© ThunderStorm - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews ( X 2)

September 09, 2010
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Wrestlemania = BEST SHOW ON TV!!!!!

The Undertaker rocks!!

I feel so sorry for all the people who have tried and failed.

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April 28, 2010
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(1) NUMBER # - 1 Wrestlemaina 19 2003 Big show and A-train. HE IS THE BETTER AND "ONLY" ONE THAT IS "GOOD" FOR THE SESSION OF ALL., (2) NUMBER # - 2 Wrestlemaina 12 1996 Diesel. HE IS A "GOOD" WRESTLER AND WILL ALWAYS MEET THE WRESTLEN NEEDS "ALWAYS."

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