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A Poem by MagicMJ

Author: MagicMJ
Created: March 18, 2010 at 09:17 am
Upload Type: Poem, G (All)  
Category: General/Other | Romance | Fantasy
Upload Stats: 4.5 Stars by 2 users with 2 comments and 244 views


Candle lights
Burning hearts
These I feel
For you tonight

Whisper words
Through my mind
Hypnotize me
With your eyes

You’re a maze
You left me in haze
Uncover you
Is what I long to do

Fancy you
Is all I can do
With my arms
Let me embrace you

But as the clock ticks
I felt frantic
In my heart I got a kick
'Cause the night will suddenly slip
With no you and just a dream Registered & Protected

Last Modified: November 03, 2010 at 07:47 am
© MagicMJ - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews ( X 2)

January 01, 2011
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i love it.its worded great

There are no comments on this review.

March 26, 2010
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but its good to dream yes? thats why we write....i enjoyed the read very much thanks .....joe.

Thanks a lot!!!!!!

 MagicMJ replied on March 26, 2010


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