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A Poem by MagicMJ

Author: MagicMJ
Created: March 07, 2010 at 01:16 am
Upload Type: Poem, E (Explicit Language)  
Category: Erotica | General/Other | General/Other
Upload Stats: 4.25 Stars by 2 users with 2 comments and 307 views


In this darkness I can feel
your skin caressing mine
Moans echo through my mind
Seducing scent of passion & lust

In sweat and heat we become one
Craving movements we have done
In silence we have screamed
The deepest hunger we ever feel

Like a sailor exploring the ocean
I savor the depths and waves you offer
Succumb in your beauty
Swallowed whole by your mystery

Thirsty as I am, I lick your body
Every drip of yours
a glass of water
that quench my insanity

yearning hands to lay on a sculpture
run my fingers to your great mold & structure
inches by inches I touch a flawless creature
and in trance I invaded this sacred figure

Your nails piercing through my skin
Go deeper & deeper as I escalated in
As we cry from pain we lavish,
A great height and depth of pleasure

As we reached the peak of our senses
We lay naked in silence
Never cared if this will last forever
A night of indulgence is much better Registered & Protected

Last Modified: November 03, 2010 at 07:33 am
© MagicMJ - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews ( X 1)

November 09, 2010
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hot and spicy!
this is a great piece of erotica. It truly heated my senses. beautiful descriptions!

lol... thanks a lot..

 MagicMJ replied on November 09, 2010

March 11, 2010
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Very descriptive and well written...I like the way you used words such as sculpture mould to descibe what you were feeling....good work....silver wings...

thanks for the nice comments

 MagicMJ replied on March 18, 2010


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