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Let me drown your eyes

Author: ThunderStorm
Created: January 17, 2010 at 01:01 pm
Entry Type: Poem, G (All)
Category: Romance | Romance | Romance
Entry Stats: 5 Stars by 1 users with 3 comments 157 views

Let me drown your eyes 
Once every event you have to drown your sorrows and your eyes.

Your eyes will have to break out sometime sooner or later because.

Destiny could never lay true faith because we have family and friends.

On our side of the playing field and poets brothers and sisters in godís creation.

Because we are achievement and the body will overflow seeking.

The answer which lies beneath it in it is your heart and your inner beauty.

It is like if you feel like go to the distance make sure you keep.

Following the same dream you got and me and my best friends.

Here in the heaven of writing which we called writers-network.

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Comments & Reviews ( X 2)

January 17, 2010

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aw this poem was nice. I really liked the saying, your inner beauty. I think this was an amazing poem.

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January 17, 2010

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Wow, extremely deep my precious Gentle Soul. Thank you very very much for sharing your talent with us.


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January 17, 2010

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very deep thunder, nice work
i liked it. well done

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