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A Report by ThunderStorm

Author: ThunderStorm
Created: December 02, 2009 at 08:24 pm
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Category: Fantasy | Fantasy | General/Other
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A night to remember on monday night raw

As I was watching wwe Monday night raw from New York City the date was 8-26-02 the un-Americans test lance storm and Christian trying burn The American flag I was about to cussing a major storm but then Booker t and goldust trying stop them to burn the American flag it was a 3-2 handicap match then test was trying burn the flag again a big rush of flames rose up on the Screen it was the big Red machine Kane was back in the flesh he stop test lance storm and Christian trying burn the American Flag and the General manger of Monday night Raw Granted Kane any match he wants so Kane wanted a 8-man tag team match at unforgiven it was the Un-Americans vs. the real Americans the Real Americans was booker T golddust Kane and Bubba Ray Dudley it was a epic war Kane delivered a major American chokeslam over 34,123 fans Screaming Kane’s name in Tampa Florida then the very next night down in Orlando Florida the World Tag team Champions was up for grabs tonight as lance storm and test Vs. Kane and a mystery partner of his choice then a mysterious voice come in Kane revealed his partner it was The Hurricane it was a grand night in Tampa Florida they won the World Tag team Champions Kane was now a 8-time Tag team champion he was so happy I thought for brief second that Kane was going to Cry if you want to see Kane returns here is the Website for it

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Comments & Reviews

December 03, 2009
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I had forgotten about the Hurricane, that little dude always managed to find a way to crack me up. I loved the green mask and that silly superhero pose he did always made me chuckle. thanks for the memory. D

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