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Thunder's fried chicken

Author: ThunderStorm
Created: November 20, 2009 at 06:00 pm
Entry Type: Recipe, G (All)
Category: General/Other | General/Other | General/Other
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Thunder's fried chicken 
whip 3 eggs make sure is well and beaten

take your chicken covered with the beaten egg

then a paper plate for ranch seasoning and breadcrumbs

make sure you sprinkle every last detail on the chicken

if you have say like 20 guests make sure you got more chicken

and now for the Spicy sauce for the chicken

2 cups of hot sauce

1 cup of mustard

1/2 cup pickle relish

2 cups of tartar sauce

1 cup of thousand island dressing

1 cup of pickle juice

then mix those things together and keep on mixing

From your friends at writers-network Dark_Elegy and thunderstorm

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Comments & Reviews

November 20, 2009

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Hi Thunder and D_E
I am feeling so hungry now. I'm gonna try this recipe right now.
20 guests? Wow that is a lot of people to feed.
Thanks for the yumminess.


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November 20, 2009

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this looks delicious >>.<< lolol cant wait to try it

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November 20, 2009

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ha ha this thunder fried rock bud! great cookin! awesome recipe!
lol! keep on cookin! good buddy!

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