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A Poem by ThunderStorm

Author: ThunderStorm
Created: July 04, 2009 at 08:02 pm
Upload Type: Poem, G (All)  
Category: Fantasy | Nature | General/Other
Upload Stats: 4 Stars by 1 users with 1 comments and 387 views

banana 2009 part 2  

Banana "Abissinian" (Ensete ventricosum)
Banana "Red Abissinian" (Ensete maurelli)
Banana 'African Rhino Horn'
Banana 'Apple' (Manzano)
Banana 'Balbisiana'
Banana 'Basjoo'
Banana beccarii (red flowering)
Banana 'Belle' (Pisang Raja type)
Banana 'Balbisiana'
Banana 'Bordelon'
Banana 'Brazilian'
Banana 'Brown's Red'
Banana 'Burmese Blue'
Banana 'Cardaba'
Banana coccinea "Flowering Banana"
Banana 'Double' (Mahoi)
Banana 'Dwarf Brazilian'
Banana 'Dwarf Cavendish'
Banana 'Dwarf Cuban Red' (Dwarf Jamaican)
Banana 'Dwarf French Plantain'
Banana 'Dwarf Green Red' (Dwarf Jamaican)
Banana 'Dwarf Jamaican/Cuban Green'
Banana 'Dwarf Namwah'
Banana 'Dwarf Namwah Pearl'
Banana 'Dwarf Nino'
Banana 'Dwarf Orinoco'
Banana 'Dwarf Puerto Rican Plantain'
Banana 'Dwarf Red Jamaican'
Banana 'Dwarf Thai'
Banana 'Ebun Musak'
Banana 'Ele Ele'
Banana 'FHIA 17' (Cavendish type)
Banana 'FHIA 18' (Manzano type)
Banana 'FHIA 20"
Banana 'FHIA 21" Plantain
Banana 'FHIA 23' (Gros Michel type)
Banana 'FHIA SH3008'
Banana 'French Horn'
Banana 'Giant Plantain'
Banana 'Goldfinger' (FHIA 1)
Banana 'Gran Nain'
Banana 'High Color Mini'
Banana 'Hua Moa' (Plantain)
Banana 'Ice Cream' (Blue Java)
Banana 'Itinerans'
Banana 'Kalela' (similar to Dwarf Brazilian)
Banana 'Kandarian' (Cooking type)
Banana 'Kofi' (Dessert type)
Banana 'Kru'
Banana 'Kummunaba'
Banana 'Lady Finger' (not really one variety)
Banana 'lasiocarpa (Musella) "Chinese Yellow"
Banana 'Manzano' (Apple)
Banana 'Misi Luki' (Dessert, excellent taste)
Banana 'Mona Lisa' (FHIA 2)
Banana 'Monkey Fingers'
Banana 'Mysore'
Banana 'Namwa' (Kluai Namwa; Pisang Awak)
Banana 'Nino'
Banana 'Orinoco'
Banana ornata 'African Red' (ornamental)
Banana ornata 'Bronze' (ornamental)
Banana ornata 'Macro' (ornamental)
Banana ornata 'Milky Way' (ornamental)
Banana ornata 'Royal Pink' (ornamental)
Banana ornata 'Royal Purple' (ornamental)
Banana ornata 'Royal Red' (ornamental)
Banana 'Pace' (improved Goldfinger)
Banana 'Pisan Ceylon' (improved Mysore)
Banana 'Pitogo'
Banana 'Popoulu'
Banana 'Praying Hands'
Banana 'Rajapuri'
Banana 'Red Iholene'
Banana 'Red Jewell'
Banana 'Red Tall'
Banana 'Rojo' (Musa zebrina)
Banana 'Rowe Red'
Banana 'Saba' (Pisang Kepok)
Banana Sikkimensis (Himalayan/Indian Banana)
Banana 'Sum X Cross'
Banana 'Sumatrana X 'Zebrina' (Rojo)
Banana 'Super Dwarf'
Banana 'Super Plantain'
Banana 'Sweetheart' (FHIA 3)
Banana 'Tall Red' (Jamaican Tall Red)
Banana 'Thousand Fingers'
Banana 'Tuu Ghia'
Banana velutina "Pink Flowering Banana"
Banana 'White Iholene'
Banana 'Williams Hybrid'
Banana 'Zan Moreno'
Banana '1780' (Cavendish type)
Ornamental, Musa coccine
Ornamental, Musa ensete
Ornamental, Musa sumatrana
Ornamental, Musa velutina
Ornamental, Musa violcea
Ornamental, Musa Pitomba
Ornamental, Musa Rust
Ornamental, Musa Thousand Fingers
Ornamental, Musa Yellow
Ornamental, Musa Zabrina
Plantain+Fruit, Musa African Rhino Horn
Plantain+Fruit, Musa Haa-Haa
Plantain+Fruit, Musa Horse (or Buro)
Plantain+Fruit, Musa Iholena (red)
Plantain+Fruit, Musa Iholena (white)
Plantain+Fruit, Musa Orinoco
Plantain+Fruit, Musa Orinoco Dwarf
Plantain+Fruit, Musa Saba
Plantain Cardaba
Plantain Ele Ele "Hawaiian Black Banana"
Plantain Fehi of Fe'l
Plantain French Horn
Plantain Giant Plantain
Puerto Rican Dwarf

© ThunderStorm - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews

July 05, 2009
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I am so very impressed that you were able to find this information. It must have taken a long time dear.

Keep up the good writing, Timmie

There are no comments on this review.


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