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A Poem by Leopassion7

Author: Leopassion7
Created: May 10, 2009 at 04:19 pm
Upload Type: Poem, M (16+)  
Category: Personal | Relationships | Sad
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Words of Truth From a Woman Scorned  

Another year has passed I had to face on my own
waging the war of sin, I had to fight all alone.

Everyday was another trial, another setback I faced
re-entry of my depression--felt like leaving this place.

Had a man from last year who carved a hole in my heart;
so sad cause Love will never be what it was from the start.

Just when I thought his love was real, something I could call bliss
he said 'I Do' to another woman in July of '06.

Yeah my heart was ripped and torn with an insatiable scorn
the hole replaced the rose which was replaced by the thorn

Cause I'm already dead, now it's Love's turn to mourn;
Joy and peace were murdered so hate was reborn.

I don't wanna share no more, I wanna be selfish and mean
I do only for myself--fuck the rest of the team!

Tire of playing all the hands, tryna win all the bids--
you'll never see me poppin' out distraught and fatherless kids

I'd never put that on a child and make them suffer like me
what would I look like caging them just cause I couldn't be free?

I love kids and for that reason I can never play 'mother'
I'll let my eggs stand in line and die one after the other.

That's how it is, I know it's harsh but Life has made me this way
I tried to give my all to love, but love just pushed me away

And so I was tired of denying this incorruptible fire;
so I submerged into the flames--it took away my desire.

To live and succeed, a pair of dreams I don't need
nothing survives in my heart except the blood that I bleed

Let's be truthful, what's the point of living in this wicked society
propriety left cause of the deaths of fraternity and sorority.

And you want me to apologize because I'm spittin' the truth
remove the air from within the brains of these incorrigible youth!

Politicians sendin' the good ones off to fight in this war
try sendin' the gang bangers, wife beaters, pimps and whores

I'm sick of all this violence and yet I wish to partake;
just so I could feel relief within from the pain of this stake

Who cares right, I'm nothing but molded clay: wearn and worn
who goes around spittin' words of truth from a woman scorned.

© Leopassion7 - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews ( X 3)

May 11, 2009
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Truth is necessary
Yes truth does hurt however, in order to birth a new beginning there must be an end. I see that this piece was the end of something and yet the beginning of something greater and far more wonderful. I love your work and by all means keep it coming. To have a gift of expression of this magnitude is remarkable and it should not be kept hidden. There will be those who will relate and those who may not right away...give it time.

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May 10, 2009
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That was just beautiful, and the truth hurts, but everyone needs to hear it. Thank you for telling the truth.

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