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♥ A Poem by iviedoeloves ♥

Author: PRO iviedoeloves
Created: April 03, 2009 at 11:53 pm
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Category: Non Fiction | Personal | General/Other
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~~ eyes wild ~~  

-oxo- Eyes Wild -oxo-

down a wet highway's side.
Hell's hallway, so very wide!
lost and lonely;
but i've always been an only~
meek and mild,
to a great fault;
so, you have to know;
i felt hard for, and bought
when I found myself in the market~
an amazing cat condo;
~(with no where to park it)~
of wet highway!
and i must say;
that it thoroughly does slay~
serendipitous scenarios
sassy play!

up and down a wet highway's ass~
hell's hallway in a long, hot glass.
so once i was in the market, i was had~
i got to tell on myself for that, 'my bad'.
i was marked, duped, disheveled, and betrayed~
i have to be truthful and tell you;
i am intimidated, and a bit afraid!

somehow a child was frailed,
and bedazzled~
and my mind and spirit are:
completely frazzled~
~(where was my common sense?)~
i'm still reeling from all the nothingness,
between the here, and there....

down a wet highway;
hell's hallway~
~(amazing cat condo in tow)~
and it just goes to show:
cat's rule~
and dogs drool!
i don't even own a cat, peeps!
oh, how charming was that store keep~
it seems that, hallway; (through wet hell), per pound~
~(although, not logically sound)~
is really bloody cheap!
but in the end you reap,
a seed you didn't mean to sow~
then the harvest will come to show~
after you watch your seed grow;
from an amazing cat condo,
into being lost and lonely~~~
i suppose i will always be then,
in the end;
an only,

meek and mild;
wiggly and wild;
tuned in, and set dialed;
to be me~
something i've never had the way to see?
...devil be damned!
i am such a gregarious ham!
and my Lord knows well~~~
i just.
but must,
be brave.
~...(said the nave)~
from the words to a favorite song...
'I will be brave'
'I will be free'
'I will be brave'

i shall decree:
when i finally do see:
it shall come to be...
through The Lord God's eyes~
because for now, i despise...
being lonely,
an only
...Eyes Wild...

ivie doe

© iviedoeloves - all rights reserved

Author Notes

...devil be damned!

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Comments & Reviews

April 18, 2009
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love the way u have decribed it................well u r work

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