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Author: simplisticwriter
Created: March 07, 2009 at 05:57 pm
Upload Type: Poem, G (All)  
Category: General/Other | General/Other | General/Other
Upload Stats: 5 Stars by 6 users with 6 comments and 436 views

Oh! Childhood Memories  

Oh! Childhood Memories

OH! Do you remember the first time you climbed a tree
The first time you fell off your bike and scratch your knee
Oh! And the time dad let go, off you went on the first ride
Fiends come round to play; all excited whose turn to hide

Oh! Yes and the smile when the ice cream van was near
All the children running to it laughing and full of cheer
Oh! In the playground with the swings and roundabouts
Mums sitting on the bench, be careful you hear her shout

OH! Rushing down to the beach, bucket and spade in hand
Building castles with moats, lollipop, sticks, flags and sand
Oh! Rushing to the water’s edge, being splashed with spray
All excited watching the seagulls swooping and flying away

Oh! The first day at school, this was scary for a short while
Then new friends in the playground made you sit and smile
Oh! The first time you were allowed to go to the corner shop
And adventure this was, going to buy a sweet and ice pop

This poem could go on forever but there’s just not time you see
Oh! But I hope this little poem of mine, helps you remember
Your own childhood memories

© simplisticwriter - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews ( X 6)

March 08, 2009
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Great read and write! Thank you for sharing the static with your mind. Many blessings and good luck.

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March 08, 2009
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excellent kim fantastic work i dont remember a time i was ever off me bike lol.building dangerous jumps in the street lol.i onnce built a jump at the highest point at the jacksons lol the things we do as kids eh.great write kind regards dan

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March 08, 2009
Simply Beautiful
My,my what beautiful memories your delightful write has brought to mind! I loved reading this little write of yours--touched my heart and made me think back to the simpler times and their beauty in them Simply beautiful!

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March 07, 2009
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Very nice
Hey thanks for sharing the write, it really brought some old memories back to my mind. Learning to ride the bike, this is one I'll never forget for sure. My brothers got me started down the hill, but they did not tell me how to stop when it came time to stop.
A lot of good memories from your words.
Thanks again.
HP Greg

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March 07, 2009
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thank you so much your words brought me into that well written
i enjoy poems that can lift the spirits and bring you in.... awesome write..your flow was perfect and i loved how it was easy to read...awesome job..keep them coming

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March 07, 2009
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It sure did, yes, I do remember , I mainly remember my daughter playing in the sand, with her little bucket ready to gather water.. you have brought me beautiful memories. thank you for this, anna and james

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