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♥ A Poem by iviedoeloves ♥

Author: PRO iviedoeloves
Created: March 13, 2005 at 05:29 pm
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Category: Diary Entry | General/Other | General/Other
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Wishing You Were Dead  

I donít want to cry no more
Your lips no longer disguise
The fallen love of nevermore
That I see in your lying eyes

What now will I do with myself?
I cry tears of sweaty blood
But I donít want to cry no more
Though they fall in a torrid flood

I donít want to cry no more
Although I cannot stop
Will I ever love again?
When tears are all Iíve got

I know Iíve begged you to leave
A thousand times or more
Please never let me see you again
Darkening my door

For if you ever come this way
Again the tears will flow
Wanting not you to see me this way
I never want you to know

That I will lie here day after day
Just wishing you were dead
That way I wouldnít imagine you
With her inside my head

Itís time for you to go now
Hit the door my darling lost
While I lie here on this cold floor
Recounting just what youíve cost

© iviedoeloves - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews

March 14, 2005
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ME to I felt that way about someone I was tried of seeing his face in my dreams always haunting me. But now it was time for him to hit the bricks. So now am happy once more.

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March 13, 2005
Bravo, brilliant and heartbreaking.
Everything good poetry should be!

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March 13, 2005
Aww Ivie, it's so sad but so so good

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