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♥ A Poem by iviedoeloves ♥

Author: PRO iviedoeloves
Created: March 01, 2005 at 12:00 am
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Category: Diary Entry | General/Other | General/Other
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The dim lights of hundreds of candles
Filled the platforms as he crooned
On a stage full of foreboding lilies

‘Jesus don’t want me for a sun beam’
And ‘Come as you are’
Always make me well up with tears

We all really lost it at the news of his demise
And some tried to follow
In his wake of destruction

Did he really do this to himself?
Could he have under the heroin abyss,
That most would have overdosed on?

Could he have had the faculties?
To pull that trigger?
‘No I don’t have a gun’ he sang

Or was it some foul play to ride the tale coats
Of one of the most gifted artists
The world will ever know?

© iviedoeloves - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews

March 21, 2005
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Few things have inspired me more than Kurt.Tho I was very young when he died it has still effected me as far as thinking of how much better he would have been had he lived.

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