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♥ A Poem by iviedoeloves ♥

Author: PRO iviedoeloves
Created: February 15, 2005 at 12:05 am
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Category: Horror | General/Other | General/Other
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The darkly lit rooms cast shadows from the inhabitants there. Moving from corner to corner, lost souls from days ago and years past. Down the hall she moved unsteadily towards the stairs, candle in her shaking hands, she descended the stairs as quietly as the ghosts in the rooms.
Maybe it was all in her mind.
That’s what the doctors said.
But she knew what she saw, what she could feel and smell, the smells of honeysuckle and jasmine, where none grew.
Ghosts, energies that refused to rest, caused very little rest for her.
Every room in the old Victorian house was filled with the same moving, twirling energies that only she could see and feel
Except the library. The library was locked and for the months that she had been tormented there, there was no way to get the door open. Then one day, scrambling for a crowbar or anything that would open that door she found a ring of old skeleton keys.
Fear gripped her like never before, what was behind that door could either set her free or cause more horror than she’d already known.
Making her way down the hall her hands still shaking with the flickering candle gripped with both hands, she fumbled nervously with the keys.
She set the candle down on a table next to the door, and tried to steady herself.
It was time to set them all free. It was time to set herself free from this haunting.
As she searched for this elusive key, which one, which one. She tried and tried each key, getting some mixed up from her fumbling and shaking hands. What lay behind this door had a smell wafting out room under the door. It smelled like death would if she’d ever smelled it before; she imagined that this is what it would be like.
Soon there were the ghosts from the rooms swirling and distracting her efforts to find the right key, assuming that this key was there. There!
There it was! It slipped in nicely and turned with a click that echoed throughout the mansion, startling her.
The door swung open and there they were more ghosts, so many her vision was obscured.
Then with out warning the energies parted to reveal a desk with the chair turned backwards. Turning slowly around to greet her was a shriveled dead man.
The long ago master of the house. He was once a dapperly dressed man, and worse he spoke the kings English, but all he could say was “Go, Go away and leave us! There was peace here before you came!
Turning to run down the hall she grabbed for the candle and only knocked it to the floor, setting the musty rugs on fire.
Grabbing her keys by the front door she flung open the door and ran to her car. The ghosts flowed out of the door just behind her along with the smoke from the fire.
In her fright, she stumbled, scarping her hand and knees. Bloody, she fumbled with the keys until it turned and opened to let her in to the safety she was seeking. The ghosts and the smoke caused her not to see in the dark night and she dropped her keys in the floorboard. Scrambling with her feet to find them she couldn’t,’ take her eyes off of the moaning and wispy figures, chanting “Go, go, go, go”, their faces peering into the car in angst and bewilderment.
Finally she felt the keys and leaned down to reach for them. Once in hand she slipped them into o the ignition. “Go, go, go, go, go!”
With the engine revving out of fear she finally found first and slipped it too soon into second, only to stall the car. Turning the key again she peered into her rearview mirror to take one more look at what everyone else said was a psychotic episode, only to see the shriveled dead man all dressed in his finery, standing in the doorway with fames surrounding him and half the downstairs. The top half of the house was caving in and the rest was surely on its way down.
“There’s your peace, you dragon!” she muttered. As she sped off, never to look back again.

© iviedoeloves - all rights reserved


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