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♥ A Poem by iviedoeloves ♥

Author: PRO iviedoeloves
Created: January 23, 2005 at 12:16 pm
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Category: Love | General/Other | General/Other
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So Much in Love with You  

So very much in love with you

To a fiery cold, icy hot depth
I thank God for every breath
That he has put into your lungs
You keep me coming home
You keep me being young
All these words
And Iíve not yet begun
To convey with words
This kind chaos that Iíve found

My love for you is immeasurable
Yet just as Godís grace
It does abound
Words like priceless and pleasurable
Are just the plumages on the peacock
As I grappple with the words that unlock
The truth that in you is so treasurable

So worthy of my effort in describing
You and my love for you in sound
With chronic accuracy,
With verbiage profound
For you are Godís great mercy
On my life
You ease this worlds struggle
And all my strife

My home will always be
Where ever you are
No mater where that is
No matter how far
You are my earth my sky my water
And the air that I breathe all around
I thee you sir dub thee my hero
And so thee to me you are so crowned

© iviedoeloves - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews

October 26, 2010
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really caring, romantic poem keep up the good work

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January 24, 2005
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WOW! I love this one girl! U just keep gettin' better! Keep it up!


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January 24, 2005
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Ivie, your poetic talent is beyond so many of us

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January 23, 2005
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Waxing eloquent are we? Wow ! You are stringing together some good ones here, I'm in awe.

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January 23, 2005
Great job Ivie... so sweet

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