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♥ A Poem by iviedoeloves ♥

Author: PRO iviedoeloves
Created: January 19, 2005 at 08:12 pm
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Category: Weird | General/Other | General/Other
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Ambushed By The Cosmos...Again  

Ambushed By The Cosmos...Again

I was on my way through my morning ritual
Things seeming normal and habitual
This should have been the best clue for me
That all was not as well as I thought it should be

I was optimistically thinking,
This could be the beginning of the days,
After two months of needing to change my ways,
I rubbed the sleep from my eyes in a haze.

Putting my best foot forward
Out of my front door,
When I remembered my keys,
And that I needed them for sure.

Then funny things in triplicate,
Commenced to presenting themselves,
In an uncommon threat,
I began by looking for them on the shelves.

These measures were turning to no avail,
And it was getting late,
It was past my time to bail...
Tardiness is a thing the boss really hates.

When I reach for the keys they took a leap
Off of my hedge in my back yard
Off my neighbors wall's ledge
Retrieving them now would be very hard.

Thank goodness,
They were an extra set.
This meant my keys,
Where somewhere else I bet.

There were one or two great worries now,
Piling up on my little plate somehow.
I was very late with no keys to drive,
Worried that my employment would not survive.

I needed to make that call from home,
To a man who's brain I have literally fried.
So I had to find my new hand held phone,
Wherever that had since belied.

And so on and on it went,
Until the morning had been spent,
My nerves were frazzled,
And my hopes of timeliness bruised and bent.

At this point I noticed,
I was waxing frail,
Helpless and bedazzled,
My face was pale.

Then finally I remembered,
The page beeper for the phone,
That when pushed with urgency,
Would bring the set back home!

Then just within earshot,
I heard a faint 'briiiiiiing!
That starts my heart beating,
With anticipation of hopes stirring.

That in fact I now may
Be on my late way
Will still not make my boss happy,
But at least at work I'll be!

Now I grow faint, as the ringing fades,
But I still scurry about,
It's been so long off the base,
That the hand held's batteries are running out.

The homing signal grew weaker,
Each time I pushed the button.
And now I grow insanely bleaker,
For the ring just went silent all of a sudden.

I stare blankly into the silently hushed,
As my hopes flee,
Disappearing and badly crushed.
Farther and farther away from me,

Then remembering the sofa where,
I set a spell yesterday,
Maybe I'd find my original set of keys there. So everythingís going to be o.k.!

Just then my dog comes skipping,
Coming down the hall
With my brand new phone,
That I'd just bought at the mall.

Hanging out the side of her mouth,
As her tongue,
Just east of that,
Was dripping and falling south.

As wet and drooling as he could be,
Sloping atop of that tongue,
Was also my sopping wet,
Set of original keys.

This was a good thing even though,
My service wasnít any cheaper,
Even when youíre as eager,
As I was unbelievably so.

Because now Iím more late for work,
Than Iíve ever been,
57 days in a row makes you a jerk,
From 3 minutes to hours, and now again!

And since my phone battery had died,
I had no phone to check in at the grind
And the boss said at my last warning,
That that was the second to the last time!

So in getting on with this dark history,
Of the end of todayís late start and me,
In my pack I search for my phones spare battery.
Then I heard the first fat drops of rain begin to storm on me.

After looking for it for an hour,
I clicked in the phoneís new source of power
And the boss isnít going to be kind,
This day, the 58th time.

But before I dialed the number to work
I thought they could really,
Just find some other jerk,
To put up with the hours, no beneís, or perks!

But with car keys in hand,
Off my front porch I arrive,
To my ride awaiting I land,
Squarely in the drive.

At least thatís where I could have swarm,
I left my little car,
Threadbare and naugahide all worn,
Red so as to pick it out from a crowd of peas and corn.

But no red car sat,
Anywhere on my cul-de-sac,
And for a moment I felt like,
I didnít know where I was at!

Itís o.k. I thought gleefully,
And smart.
As I clutched my doggy-drooled keys,
Close to my heart.

Iíll just push this little button,
Here with the keys on the chain,
This made beeps while locking and unlocking,
As well as giving thieves a thorough refrain.

And it should lead me to where,
My car had been displaced.
The time was now to find my car,
So now on went my beeping chase

As out of my yard,
And straight down the street,
Through the rain storm,
I followed my feet.

The whole time I remained,
Pushing that button,
Down this street and that,
When all of the sudden,

The church bells rang three,
With a certain degree,
Of what I myself would call,
A certain sense of urgency.

Just then that second cup of coffee,
Was beginning to distract me,
For now I really really had to pee.
And I was so wet and cold you see.

After a block or two or four,
I realized Iíd not seen anything,
For thirty minutes or more,
And now I need some triple Aís for the key thing!

Because my car keys car pager,
Seemed to be pulling the same wager,
As my hand heldís batteries,
Episode with its circuitry engager!

I can be a noisy voice force,
When I know that Iím with friends,
But only when Iím with no other,
A stitch of panic runs through and I stutter.

But I couldnít help but blurt out,
ďNow Iím so lost!Ē Ďcos I needed to shout,
ďWhy am I walking around in hell today?Ē
ďWhatíd I do? Whatís this all about?Ē

The rest of my members
Especially my brain,
Began to feel nauseous, over cautious,
And a tad bit insane!

I still hadnít made that call,
That would land my job in the stall
Perhaps these feelings of intensity indeed,
Would be just the little bug I need,

To voice my case of might and mire,
Over the jolly olí telephony wire.
Maybe the boss would be inspired,
To not use the phrase,Ē Face it, youíre FIRED!Ē

No now was not a good time for me,
To be milling about some fantasy,
Or even to make that dreaded exchange.
My priorities again to rearrange.

Still I knew I had to act,
So while assessing my mental abilities,
I pondered this fact,
As the rain tested my physical liabilities.

I cursed this trek I walked on,
Doing as well as I could in the rain,
Yet as I made stride, I wrought on,
But this battle I fought seemed in vain.

Drearily I did chide,
Whoever did decide,
Or was responsible in the hide,
Of my little red ride.

I longed to be dry in my house,
My little slice of heaved.
And when in need of sundries,
I was just three blocks from 7-11.

Two more past that was the rite-aid,
And a Stater- brothers,
Then came the three story mall
In the company of those little others.

If you didnít like that,
Up the hill was a Vons,
Then you could go a bit further,
To the craft store beside Sav-Onís.

With all this homesick nonsense,
Bombarding my forehead,
A tear of rain rolled down my cheek,
And cry a bit I did.

I looked up to see a sign,
That I didnít really expect,
Saying the freeway from town,
And an inter state connect!

An overpass on a freeway I was
And nearly got hit by an oncoming bus
That startled me into a cuss because,
It cost me more than just a fuss!

I screamed and threw my hands,
Up an open wide, ya know?
Only to watch my keys float down
To the underpass below!

Collecting myself once again,
I took a guess at just how I got here,
Speeding cars donít answer queries, friend,
About my mess or to quell any fear.

Still, ďBy the way man,
Whereís my car parked?!!Ē
Out into the cold wet twilight
I lamented and facetiously barked!

What a way to start the end of your day,
I had to laugh, chuckle and grin,
Soaked to the bone, lost and alone,
Walking around in a spin.

This day had now turned to naught,
Just like what was left of my brain.
With nary a slicker nor umbrella, of course not!
When hours ago, I stepped out into the rain.

I wasnít planning to spend this day,
Looking for my little go cart.
Soaked to the bone all the way,
And defiantly blown apart.

I donít know why that I know not,
The whereabouts of my car,
I guess I must have forgot,
Sometimes thatís the way things are?

Now to getting back home
Wellí thatís another story,
Just as long,
And without any glory.

I leave it for another time,
When Iíve finally collected the rest of my mind
And write this long about a ludicrous rhyme,
When I was ambushed by the cosmos of timeÖ again

© iviedoeloves - all rights reserved


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